Fear The Right Things

Author: Kyle Yarborough I struggle with anxiety. At times, it can be severe. It can be debilitating and I can feel trapped or chained to a chair, unable to move. It can bring on nausea and headaches and it can cloud my judgement and thinking. It is also relatively common. About 40 million people are... Continue Reading →


It Is Right To Think About Death

Author: Jared Lyda The past month, for whatever reason, has brought death into the forefront of my Facebook and Twitter feeds and therefore my mind. The airport bombings in Brussels were about a month ago. There was an earthquake in Ecuador that killed over 500 people. 8 people died recently in the floods in Houston,... Continue Reading →

Your Heart is a Bad Source

  Author: Robert Bember Consider your source. There is a lot of bad information out there. This is why professors would rather you say, “My dog ate my homework” than, “I cited Wikipedia” when you turn in your papers. This is why you should just keep scrolling past click bait articles with headlines that end... Continue Reading →

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