BYX Is Not The Church

Author: Jayson Fisher     Topic: Christian Living Being a Part of a Local Church Matters Now Here is another BYX buzz phrase. No, not “intentional” or “accountability” or “heart-level," but rather “BYX is not the Church.” BYX believes that we do not replace the calling given by Christ to the Church (Matt. 28:19-20), but if... Continue Reading →

Alumni Spotlight: Acres of Diamonds

By Allan Thompson Missouri Chapter Founding Father I was on a bus riding through the rough, Zambian countryside when it happened. The clouds cleared and I felt a calling from God like I had never felt before, or even since. You see, it was 2007 and I was a sophomore at the University of Missouri.... Continue Reading →

On Commitment and Being Present

Author: Dean Tzobanakis As you’ve probably heard from someone associated with BYX in the past few weeks, commitment is cool. We expect our brothers to be committed to our fraternity. That’s why there’s a semester-long barrier to entry called pledgeship that tests commitment. Many BYX brothers are also involved in campus ministries, student government, and... Continue Reading →

Real Men Cry

  Author: Zach van Meter Last Friday I found myself at the rehearsal dinner of my beloved sister who was getting hitched the next day. The rehearsal had to be practiced inside because of rain, yet food and merry celebration followed with the wedding party and additional family. The cuisine and conversing went quite fluidly... Continue Reading →

The Morning-After Gospel

Author: Blake Hankins     Topic: Devotionals What do you do at 9 a.m. with what happened at 2 a.m.? How do you handle your failures? Better yet, how does God handle your failures? As believers, it is crucial we understand how God views us and what that means. Understanding the Gospel and how to live... Continue Reading →

Why BYX Matters

  Author: Jason Hoyt I have young children who are at the age where one of the primary questions they ask is "Why?" My oldest son asks me almost weekly if he can come to work with me. There are many times where the answer is, "Not today, son." There are a few times, though,... Continue Reading →

A Farewell to a Faithful Brother

On Monday, my life changes drastically as I begin in a new job in a new industry. The decision was not one I took lightly given the only company I have known since graduation in May 2010 is Beta Upsilon Chi, Inc., but after a few months of prayer and conversation with wise, trusted friends,... Continue Reading →

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