Meet the National Staff: Gabe McKinney

1) Why did you want to join the BYX National Staff?

BYX has been the avenue God chose for my growth and transformation as a man in college, and BYX is going to leave a never-ending impact on my life. I’ve traveled the country, met business professionals, seen my family members’ lives changed, learned how to pray, all because of the men in this fraternity. After experiencing what this fraternity can be and is meant to be, I wanted to do all I could to create unforgettable experiences for other men around the nation who are desiring God and Christian brotherhood. Not only that, but I desire men around the United States (and world) to know and grow in Christ so the world can be blessed and flourish because we are answering God’s call on our lives.

I knew if I did not take this chance right out of college, I would grow into an old man filled with regrets, and I don’t want to be Old McRegrets, so here I am working for BYX. Ay, whoop.

2) What did you study at A&M and how will that help you in this job?

I majored in business management with focuses on entrepreneurship and consulting. Focus meaning I took some classes in entrepreneurship and consulting.

I believe learning about the intricacies of business such as evaluation, strategies, and development is going to help me come alongside local chapters and develop them towards growth and expansion. The business background will also help me as I work with BYX on a national scale with administrative responsibilities.

The consulting focus has developed my examination skills, allowing me to assess situations, ask good questions, and make a game plan in various situations.

I honestly thought for a while my business degree would be useless because I was not going into a “corporate” job, but business is a good foundation for any job I work. As a skyscraper needs a firm foundation, my business degree has become the firm foundation of my life-scraper. Bad analogy? Nah.
3) What is your favorite memory from college?

The many adventures I have been on with roommates and BYX brothers. Arkansas Spring Break trip; forming a band and performing downtown; the rainy day we ran around with our shirts off, Jake put a frog down his pants, and girls thought BYX was hazing us; OH, maybe the best: Texas A&M University B-ingTHO Alabama and all of C-Stat going insane.


4) What do you like to do in your free time?
Be outside. Hiking, running, kayaking, biking, working out (get swoll), exploring; literally put me outside and I will flourish. Climbing mountains and being in the wilderness is lovely. Music is big; listening, playing, producing mad-fresh freestyles. Cooking. Learning random new skills. Sports. Readin’. Dancin’. And partyin’ for the Lord.
5) What are some of your goals for your first semester on staff?
I want to start really well and be a competent, useful advisor for my chapters. Be excellent and attentive in the details of my work. I also want to build strong relationships with each chapter I serve and bless the men under me by being both a friend and mentor.
I love learning about other BYX chapters and I truly want to learn the intricacies of how things are done similarly and differently and help in any way I can to better these chapters. I also want the men at these chapters to become godlier and know Christ better because of me.
I lastly want to build healthy habits and disciplines amidst a crazy travel schedule to continually fix my eyes on Christ and keep growing in godliness. I easily get caught up in working my butt off, but can lose sight of who I work for – Jason Hoy-ER, I MEAN, the Lord. But I genuinely want to constantly remember my first love and let Jesus be my motivation to lead and love men well.
6) What do you hope to do after your time on BYX Staff?
Three routes:
1) Teach: become a teacher of some kind. Maybe a school teacher or a wilderness instructor or a coach of some kind. I love teaching and relationship-building and if I got to do this all across the world, I wouldn’t be pissed.
2) Do this balance of a CrossFit coach or other kind of fitness coach and firefight. Firefighting seems real lit. Eh? It honestly does seem very sweet.
3) This is the other category: fly planes in the Airforce/Navy, work for YL full-time, international relief, some health job, work for BYX forever. We’ll see what the Lord has for me.
7) You don’t have to name any names, but give us your most deplorable roommate story.
Oh, I hated Elijah. We had to share a womb and a room together. Nah, my brother is great. I had a roommate sophomore year who would leave peanut butter knives, unclean in our sink every day. It was like regularly coming home to a peanut butter sandwich murder crime scene.
8) Are you a 2-percenter?
Is Oprah a white woman?
I chigaroogarem the heck out of everywhere I go. Thanks and gig ’em.
9) Rumor has it you have a twin brother. Name two things you’re better at than him and name two things he’s better at than you.
Ooooohhh Elijah. My twenty-minutes younger brother.
1) I can clean and jerk more than him (an Olympic weightlifting movement). 255# babeh!
2) I’m better at driving stick-shift, barely. I recently got a car about a week ago and have had to force myself to learn where Elijah is driving his automatic Ford Exploder.
Now for Elijah being better than me:
1) He’s honestly great at keeping up with people and investing into friends and relationships that matter to him. I wish I did this better.
2) He’s an overall fitter human being than I am. He’s avoided getting injured as much as I have, so maybe he’s better as staying healthy, or just worse at being a WILD MAN!
Extra: he’s better at growing dreads. He succeeded, I could never make it.
10) If you could choose one place on Earth to travel, where would it be?
I would love to travel down to Mexico, spend time there, followed by traveling through Mexico and South America. There’s so many sweet people and places to see and things to do down there. Also, Mexico has my lost heritage and I would love to discover that more. Necesito vamos mas temprano que tarde!

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