Meet the National Staff: Alex Housewright

1.       Why did you want to join the BYX National Staff?

I wanted to join the BYX National Staff because I think that BYX is a unique ministry opportunity in that I get to pour into college men on a day to day basis. I grew as both a man and a Christian during my time in BYX and I hope to be a part of that growth in the lives of other men.

2.       What did you study at Baylor and how will that help you in this job?

I studied finance at Baylor. So far my degree in finance has helped me with getting stuff with Billhighway ready for guys at the chapter level and has also helped in making decisions related to National Leadership Summit.

3.       What is your favorite memory from college?

My favorite memory from college is the Baylor v. TCU game in 2014 when Baylor came back from a 21-point deficit in the fourth quarter to beat TCU 61-58. It was the most intense sporting event I’ve ever been to and the atmosphere was insane.

4.       What do you like to do in your free time?

My favorite thing to do in my free time is watch soccer. My favorite teams to watch are the U.S. Men’s National Team, FC Dallas in the MLS, and Liverpool F.C. in the English Premier League.

5.       You were on staff all summer. What were some big things you learned in that time (about anything)?

This summer I learned some new recruitment techniques that I can take to chapters and help them apply to their existing recruitment plans.

6.       What do you hope to do after your time on BYX Staff?

After my time on staff I would like to use my finance degree to pursue a career in financial consulting or real estate investment and development.

7.       You don’t have to name any names, but give us your most deplorable roommate story.

During college I had a roommate for three years that was really into weightlifting and bodybuilding. So, every week he would do meal prep stuff for the coming week, which isn’t a big deal, except that he wouldn’t do his dishes until the next week when he needed them again. This meant that our kitchen would stay dirty for the entire week at a time.

8. What’s your favorite thing about Waco, TX and why?

Anyone that’s been to Waco, TX knows how hard this is to answer…. But if I had to pick my favorite thing about the city it would probably be Shorty’s Pizza Shack near Baylor’s campus.

9.       Be honest, how often did you frequent Magnolia Market while you were there? 

Unfortunately, I only had the pleasure of visiting Magnolia once.

10. Who was your favorite national advisor while you were in school?

Gabe McKinney. Definitely not Dean Tzobanakis if that’s what you’re asking, Dean.

Bonus: Who would you choose to be your partner in the Amazing Race and why?

 I would probably choose either of my brothers as a partner. I think we’ve known each other long enough that we would be able to work well together.

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