Why BYX Matters


Author: Jason Hoyt

I have young children who are at the age where one of the primary questions they ask is “Why?” My oldest son asks me almost weekly if he can come to work with me. There are many times where the answer is, “Not today, son.” There are a few times, though, where the answer is, “Yes.” It’s good for a young man to see where his father works and what he gets to do each day. On the days where the answer is, “Not today, son,” the next question is always, “Why?” ‘Why’ is a good question to ask. Why do you choose to get out of bed on that cold morning and go to class? Why do you choose to eat lunch? Why do you choose not to go to the gym? Why do you choose to be a part of BYX?  Why do you choose to seek after Christ today?

The short answer to that question is that most of us want to be a part of something special, something that makes a difference in their life and the lives of others. You think about why you choose to go to college. You probably chose to go to college because you think that obtaining that degree will make a difference in your life and hopefully will translate into you making a difference in others’ lives. You chose to be involved in BYX because it matters.

It is by design that BYX is a social fraternity experience, available for only this short time in your life, where you can make a difference for Christ and with others. BYX at its core meets the need of young college men looking for a great fraternity experience who share a common belief in Jesus Christ. Because of that belief in Christ, there is much unity from one brother to the next and from one chapter to the next.

From a personal perspective, leadership matters and it grows out of my belief that what BYX does matters. It matters to the the mothers and fathers who send their young Christian son off to college. It matters to the young man who is looking for a place to fit in as a Christian in college. It matters to the developing and growing relationship between men in college that can last a lifetime. It matters that Christ has used BYX to grow and mold young men for 30 years on different campuses. It matters to our community as young men graduate college and from BYX and seek to live God-honoring lives serving in various fields. It matters to those career fields such as engineering, medicine, law, accounting, pastoral, social work, etc. which need men of integrity. It matters because BYX develops young Christian men to make a difference in the Kingdom.

As a leader in BYX for over a decade now, the story of BYX matters. We will continue to capture and tell our story better and better over the coming years. We will continue to seek to grow our existing chapters and grow to new campuses because the vision that God has given us for BYX, it matters.

I was reminded of that recently when I learned some news about a brother who I was in BYX with in the late 1990’s. Shawn served as an officer in 1998 and faithfully and diligently pursued Christ and his education. Our paths separated upon graduation and it’s been many years now since I have seen him. When Shawn graduated, he joined the Marines and served multiple times in difficult situations in the Middle East. On January 14, 2016, Major Shawn Weber Campbell lost his life in a helicopter training accident off the coast of Hawaii. BYX Brothers from the mid to late 1990’s era started remembering on Facebook the impact that Shawn had on many of us and how he faithfully led men and pursued Christ. One of the members of Shawn’s cell group dropped everything and flew to Hawaii to be with the family at the military memorial. BYX builds life-long relationships that matter. On the days when life seems to be falling apart, those brothers are there to stand in the gap.

“Behold, how good and how pleasing it is when brothers dwell together in unity.”

— Psalm 133:1

Jason Hoyt is the National President and COO of BYX. He graduated from Texas A&M in 2000 and because the National President in 2004. He and his wife Ashley live in Keller, TX with their four children.



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