Beyond BYX: Brothers leverage fraternity experience to make impact outside of BYX.

15 Byline Bember

Every day, over 10,000 employees and hundreds of patients and families across numerous healthcare facilities rely on the leadership of Texas BYX alumnus Craig Cordola, who serves as the president of the central and west regions of Memorial Hermann Health System. Cordola, who has been with Memorial Hermann for nearly 13 years, points to BYX as a “training ground for leadership” that helped to shape him into the influential professional he is today.

“Actually being trained up as a leader of men really translates into the workplace to where I really try to show up every day and it’s not about me,” Cordola said. “It’s about how can we make people better and how can I both lead with integrity and as an example of what it looks like to be a leader of the people and for the people rather than over people.”

Craig’s experience as a member of BYX is not uncommon. Alumni brothers look back on their time as members of BYX fondly, acknowledging how the Lord prepared them for their future through the fraternity. Current brothers are in the midst of being shaped into the professionals, husbands, church members and fathers that they will be. While active membership in BYX is intended for a specific time and place, the impact of Beta Upsilon Chi stretches well beyond BYX.

Beyond-BYX-Logo-FB-PurpleBritt Hatcher, a member of the Nu Chapter, also serves as the president of an on-campus service organization focused on caring for underprivileged children in Nashville. As Britt serves beyond BYX, he sees how the fraternity has made him more effective in his other roles.

“It showed me that it’s not about you,” Hatcher said. “It’s not about how it makes you feel. It’s not about how it fits into your schedule. It’s more of a lifestyle of learning to give your self up daily to benefit other people. If I hadn’t seen that example modeled by older guys in BYX, I don’t know if I would have come upon it or if I would still be viewing service something as primarily for me.”

Men walk out of BYX ready to contribute elsewhere. Nowhere is that more evident than in the church. TCU alumnus Cody Dick believes that BYX equips men to make an immediate impact on their church, small group and community.

“It’s invaluable to churches around the country to have men coming in at age 22, 23, 24 who can be a vibrant and active part of their church who have some of this training at their back where a lot of people never get that their entire life,” Dick said.

“I think as men we are called to be leaders of the home and often called to be leaders of the workplace,” Cordola said. “While that’s not the sole purpose of BYX, I do think that that’s an outcome of BYX.”

Learn more about how BYX members and alumni are going beyond BYX to impact their church, home, community and workplace by visiting


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