National Officer Training: Walking off with improved vision, energy and preparation.

15 Byline Hoyt

The greatest baseball game I have ever attended was Game 2 of the American League Championship Series in 2011. The Texas Rangers and the Detroit Tigers were locked in a 3-3 game in the bottom of the 11th. Nelson Cruz steps up to the plate with no outs and the bases loaded needing only a single to win the ballgame. The crowd was going absolutely crazy cheering “CRUUUUUUZZZZZ!” Nelson sent a high fastball over the left field seats for a game winning grand slam.

It was the first recorded walk-off grand slam in MLB postseason history. The crowd went nuts and exited the ballpark in a frenzy of “CRUUUZZZZ” chants. It was an incredible adrenaline rush as a fan unlike anything I have experienced at a baseball game.

National Officer Training is lot like this baseball game. Newly-elected officers arrive expecting to learn a little bit about their role as an officer next year and leave with a much bigger picture of the history, vision and future of the fraternity. Over 200 leaders from 33 BYX chapters and 3 prospective chapters will gather this weekend to worship the Lord together while learning from one another. This is the single most important weekend each year for the fraternity. The purpose of National Officer Training is threefold:

  1. To cast vision for the fraternity
  2. To generate excitement
  3. To equip the officers to carry forth the vision in their roles

Casting Vision
Officers will hear from some of the top leaders in the fraternity. Chairman of the Board and BYX Founding Father Wendel Weaver will lead off the vision casting by talking about why BYX exists. He always has some incredible stories to share with the men of how the vision came to be and how the fraternity was founded.

TCU Founders and current board members Jon Sherman and Kyle Kight will share the vision for a lifelong brotherhood through their personal stories of founding the Beta Chapter at TCU and their relationship since the founding 25 years ago.

National Director Brian Lee will challenge the men in their spiritual leadership on Saturday night, and I will finish off the weekend talking about the role of Nationals in the life of our local chapters. Everything we do at National Officer Training will seek to promote and display brotherhood and unity based on the common bond of Jesus Christ.

Generating Excitement
National Officer Training is a working retreat. However, it truly is a ton of fun. Officers get to learn from one another through competition and conversation. Throughout the weekend, brothers will compete in the Battle of the Brethren. The competition allows the men to physically breakdown some barriers between different chapters and between one another in order for each individual to experience the weekend to the max.

Chapters will celebrate the success of BYX together through our annual award ceremony in which we highlight and honor chapters that have excelled in various areas in the past year. All in all, officers leave after building new bonds of brotherhood with men that they never met before but share the same passion for brotherhood and unity in Christ.

Equipping the Officers
As we move throughout the weekend, the focus will narrow in scope. Officers will hear from various board members and prominent alumni about why their role as an officer is important.

They will attend sessions about the fraternity’s key success factors. These are the things that we have identified as necessary elements for successfully establishing brotherhood and unity in Christ. We must do these things exceptionally well.

Officers will spend several hours talking to one another about best practices for leading the fraternity and challenges faced chapters of various sizes. Officers will learn from their training manuals what is expected of them to fulfill each of the officer positions well. Officers will leave National Officer Training with a firm understanding of their role as a leader in the fraternity.

National Officer Training is much more than learning a little bit about BYX. National Officer Training is a catalyst to a successful year in leadership for every one of our local chapters. We have been praying and working toward November 20, 2015 since the last officer training ended in 2014. We are praying for the hearts and minds of our men to come together to grow in brotherhood and unity in Christ together.

We will be blessed with Dove Award winner Jeff Johnson leading our men in worship this weekend. We are praying and asking the Lord to move in the hearts of our men, grow us in unity as a fraternity and that we may leave National Officer Training in pursuit of Christ and ultimately His vision for BYX on our campuses. In so many ways, we desire for National Officer Training to be a walk-off grand slam weekend for Beta Upsilon Chi where our men walk away with a fervor for BYX that they have never had before.


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