Key Success Factors: The importance of leveraging the opportunity to impact campus socially.

15 Byline Blake

As you’ve heard many times, both by our advisors and mentioned in previous blogs, we have five key success factors. To reiterate, they are pledgeship/recruitment, chapter meetings, cell groups, social and campus presence and leadership. These areas of BYX are crucial for success, and they are all equally weighted in importance, standing firm on the foundation of Christ. Let’s take a moment discuss the why social and campus presence makes this list.

12046991_10153638898938407_6020560924527421597_nMany times we find ourselves, whether successful or not in this area, seeking social involvement on campus for the wrong reasons. We must get back to the basics of the most beautiful part of this opportunity. The word “opportunity” is purposefully used here. Social and campus presence is an opportunity; an opportunity to love, serve impact and grow.

It is absolutely necessary that we understand and stay on purpose here. The moment we forget the heart behind why we do what we do, we are subject to negativity. Yes, being cool on campus is great. Yes, meeting people is great. Yes, recruiting results increase and that’s great. Yes, building a positive image of BYX is outstanding.

But no, it’s not about those things! When good or even great things become ultimate things, they are out of place. Likewise, if motivations are for the personal by-products of success then it won’t last in as much effectiveness. Success often follows rightly ordered priorities and motives.

So focusing on motivations of social and campus presence, there are two areas of interest. The first is love. We are called to love our neighbors. Every time you have any interaction with the campus (social, date party, mixer, open party, homecoming, intramural, etc.) remember that you are there to love them. Now what does that love look like? Love looks different in every situation. However, two important things to keep in mind are:

  1. Relationships are key and foundational
  2. You are not there to throw the Bible at them or condemn anyone.

Love is crucial not only in BYX but in life. Love at all cost. Disclaimer: this does not mean passive acceptance but it does mean love when it’s uncomfortable and not pretty. That’s what Christ did for you and me.

The second area of interest is service. Bottom line is there should always be an attitude of service in every part of BYX but especially the success factor of social and campus presence. You might be surprised at how rare it is for people to actually serve. And not only serving but serving with an attitude that is not self-centered but others centered. Keep in mind, the needs of your campus. It will likely be refreshing for your campus to see a brotherhood of men there to support and serve. Whether it is cleaning up at sorority houses, volunteering to give energy and resources to philanthropies or serving on SGA, there is any number of opportunities to show BYX in the most positive light.

Finally, let’s touch on some great by-products of good social and campus presence and why that is necessary. There are several by-products but I will focus on 3.

Recruitment is enhanced.
Every positive interaction on campus will impact your recruiting ability. Likewise, every negative interaction has a potentially detrimental result. So every time you have a bad mixer or a poor showing at Greek event or a variety of things on campus, you are compromising efforts in your recruiting and put yourselves in a hole relationally. Be aware of campus expectations and exceed them. That means you will have to do little things that prove a difference.

Impact on campus is increased.
The more the chapter is known the more influence they have. The more influence they have, the more impact they can make. Understand that your impact can be restricted by a poor social and campus presence. BYX is in a very unique space to make impact and we have to be aware of growing into relevant place impact in this unique environment.

Chapter growth and development is impacted.
Individuals in a chapter with a successful social presence can be greatly impacted. Whether are growing socially, professionally or relationally. Skills learned through this avenue of BYX can be carried to wherever the brother serves the Lord in the future.

Remember social and campus presence is an opportunity that we should always enjoy and never waste!


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