BYX Winter Break: Making a case for BYX Ski Week.

15 Byline Van Meter

Ever since I was a little boy, I grew up skiing with my family and developed a deep affection for the slopes. When I came to college and joined BYX my freshman year, I was honestly surprised that they had a BYX Ski Week opportunity. After hearing the details of the trip, the cost alone is incredible, and is still lower than any other ski trip I have been on.

And then I heard that I wasn’t just getting to ski with my brothers from my chapter, but with brothers from the other chapters across the country! I soon recognized I wouldn’t get another easily accessible chance to interact and connect with other chapters unless I were to be an officer and attend National Officer Training, or (later on) go through the application process to potentially attend COR Leadership Retreat. BYX Ski Week is the one National Event that is open for any member, alumni and even pledge to attend, so why wouldn’t I jump on board?

Summit 15 mountain groupTo segue with the word “board,” if anyone is planning on snowboarding on this ski trip (which they should), I would advise them to talk to Dean Tzobanakis. Good ole Dean played “Chase the snowboard down the mountain” last year and therefore can give some great tips on how to stay strapped in while shredding the slopes. And if one might be worried that his level of skiing and/or snowboarding is either too novice or proficient compared to other brothers, he can rest assured that he will be able to form a group of brothers with the same level of expertise on the slopes. The pros want to be on the greens as much as the rookies want to be on the double blacks, which is never.

Besides the skiing and snowboarding shenanigans that will for sure be had, and be had satisfactorily, there is something special about coming together with many other BYX brothers from around the nation. Not only does it develop new friendships and connections, but it also creates a broader perspective of what the Lord is doing in BYX throughout the nation. Getting to hangout in the lodge, feast on grub and watch manly movies or bowl games with brothers is a blast but is not the coolest part. We set aside time to worship together, hear from staff members, brothers or alumni and pursue God’s presence together. Praying, reading scripture, learning and growing together with brothers from many different chapters and different walks of life – that’s why we do BYX, and that’s why we do BYX Ski Week.

In my opinion, there’s nothing better than flying down a mountain at 60 mph tossing concern to the wind, as well as warmth and any thought of safety; then after a long day of shredding the slopes and sapping the strength from one’s limbs to spend time in worship and fellowship with my BYX brothers. This depicted scenario is the elegantly crafted, impeccable combination of snow and brotherhood, slopes and unity, mountains and Jesus. Welcome to the greatest winter break trip you will ever have – it’s called BYX Ski Week, and I think it’s a pretty cool opportunity.


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