Key Success Factors: An overview of what BYX must do to thrive on campus.

15 Byline Bember

Throughout the spring semester, Wendel Weaver, a founder of the Alpha Chapter and current chairman of the BYX Board of Directors, regularly joined the National Staff for their weekly staff meetings. During Wendel’s time, he posed a number of challenging questions to the staff.

“What are those things that BYX absolutely has to do well in order to succeed in the fraternity’s purpose?” Weaver asked.

When Weaver and Co. founded the fraternity 30 years ago, they developed a clear why, a concise purpose, when they stated that BYX exists to establish brotherhood and unity among college men based on the common bond of Jesus Christ.

In my first year on staff, we began the work of clarifying who we are. From that conversation stemmed our identity statement. It says:

Beta Upsilon Chi is a lifelong brotherhood of committed Christian men seeking the bonds of brotherhood and unity in Christ through the avenue of a social fraternity on a college campus.

But what are those things that we do that make us who we are? What do we do to carry out our purpose and live out our identity?

If I told you that I serve as the communications director for Beta Upsilon Chi, you would have an idea of what that entails. If you were given a document outlining the purpose for developing this role, your picture of my day-to-day life may become more clear.

However, you still could come up with a hundred different things that you think I should do in that role during the course of the day, semester and year. To really get the full picture of my role, you need to see a description of my top priorities and most important tasks. If Robert Bember doesn’t do x, y and z, he will not be a good communications director.

Over the course of many months, the National Staff has looked to answer the what. From that question stemmed our key success factors. These key success factors will be used as a means of evaluating the success of our local chapters. The key success factors are the five items that every BYX chapter must effectively execute in order to carry out the purpose and identity of BYX. Those factors are:

  • Pledgeship
  • Chapter Meetings
  • Cell Group
  • Social and Campus Presence
  • Leadership

Throughout the course of this semester, the National Staff will be unpacking these key success factors in great detail. It is our hope that this will result in a more clear and comprehensive understanding of what a healthy BYX chapter looks like.


As we head into the semester, I invite you to consider how your chapter is approaching these key success factors. We look forward to unpacking these factors to help the chapters fully understand how to grow in these areas and why it is important to thrive in these areas.


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