Semester Highlights Part 1: National advisors reflect on moments that stood out this spring.

During the National Staff’s travels across the country, we have many opportunities to make memories with the men on campus. From these moments, a few stand out above the rest. Here are the highlights from this spring. Look for the second half of the staff’s highlights in the coming days.

Blake Hankins, National Advisor
The most impactful moment of my semester was the initiation of one of our new chapters, Miami University. It was my first visit as a staff member and, like all initiations, was a special moment to share in.

photo-3This was especially exciting to me as it reminded of my chapter’s founding and the significance that has in my life. You could tell this moment meant a lot to these founding fathers, which is a beautiful thing to see. It is a huge blessing to not only be initiated as a founding father but also initiate others as the same at a different school.

Honestly, I would’ve not seen this coming in my future three years ago at our founding. This first semester was full of great experiences, but I believe this one was a catalyst to start my semester on a high note!

11096456_618176674983296_4701816029275873461_nJayson Fisher, National Advisor
I think I have two semester highlights when I look back at the spring. I always love walking onto a new campus, and I have loved being able to work with the boys at the College of Charleston. I think one of my favorites moments of the trip was hanging out with the officers and paying spike ball in the park. Just being able to hang with the guys in such a beautiful area made for a great time.

I also really enjoyed being able to take part in the Michigan State initiation. Although our trip was a bit shorter than normal, it was a great time being able to get to know the officer corps and the founding fathers. I think being a part of the initiation of a chapter is a great honor, and I loved being a piece in that process up in Lansing.

Zach Van Meter, National Advisor
I always find difficulty in trying to pick my favorite moment from the semester, because there is normally a ton of them – every chapter visit has its unique, fun and impactful moments.

image1Nevertheless, one of my favorites was attending full retreat with the Texas Tech Chapter. Not only did I have a blast getting to explore the gullies of Palo Duro Canyon and get an ample amount of chill time with the bros, but I also experienced a rich and impactful tradition they have every year.

At night brothers gathered to begin their open mic night, a time where anyone can voice their thoughts, struggles, gratitude, prayer requests or praises in front of the chapter. The transparency and vulnerability wasn’t what moved me though; it was the response from the brothers. Every time someone would share their heart and ask for prayer, ever member would stand up and rush to the front to lay hands and pray for their brother in need, creating a holy huddle of intercession.

And this urgency occurred every time; without fail, men hurried to support their brother in encouragement and corporate prayer. This is a perfect picture of the community BYX fosters. BYX cultivates life-change. We just need to be aware and willing for the Lord to move.


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