A Look Back; A Look Ahead – 2015 Island Parties

Thirty years and a week ago, the founders of the Alpha Chapter of Beta Upsilon Chi at The University of Texas took a great leap of faith and set out to establish an alternative to the traditional fraternal lifestyle on their campus. On April 27th, 1985, they proudly announced their presence with the first Island Party.

30 year IP

Flashing forward 30 years, I fully believe that where BYX has gone surpasses all expectations, and that serves as motivation for the rest of the National Staff, as well as the Board of Directors, to work even harder, to take BYX where it has not yet been and to impact more lives for Christ. Each year, we remember and celebrate that first Island Party. Take a minute and see for yourself how this lives on across the country.

J&L Arkansas IP B&W

J&L Arkansas IP color

This year, the Xi Chapter at Arkansas hosted a campus-wide concert with Judah and the Lion as well as Penny and the Sparrow!

HBU IP 2015

National Advisor Blake Hankins made it down to Houston Baptist University for their Island Party, serving as both limbo-helper and boat captain while those in attendance watched this extreme display of limbo skill.

Tennessee IP 2015

The University of Tennessee brought in Knoxville native Dave Barnes for their Island Party!

Baylor IP 15 with GRO

The Iota Chapter at Baylor University had Texas locals Green River Ordinance headline their Island Party!

Auburn IP 2015

Island Party 2015 at Auburn University featured The Park Band! You know you wish you had that blow-up dolphin.

UF IP 15

University of Florida held their Island Party and included a sweet slip-n-slide!




Texas A&M held Island Party ’15 at Wolf Pen Creek in College Station, headlined by Judah and the Lion! 

What you should take away from this is not that BYX throws great parties. That is true. However, what binds each of our chapters together is unity, not uniformity. While operating in one spirit, we also have the freedom to function as many different individual chapters. Whether you’ve been to an Island Party rave, concert, pool party, paint war or otherwise, you have experienced an integral part of what we are as a fraternity.

From year-to-year, Island Parties take many forms but, at its core, each is identical in its purpose. As this school year comes to a close, the parties end and brothers go home for summer, it is easy to wish you could relive the good times; but not me. I for one can’t wait to see how our chapters continue to raise the bar higher.


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