Quarterly Review: Fraternity’s 30th year kicks off with record number of members.

15 Byline Bember

The first quarter of the fraternity’s 30th year brought with it new chapters, new opportunities and a new group of leaders to attend the 2015 COR Leadership Retreat. As the semester nears its close, the fraternity has positioned itself for another record-breaking fall in the wake of a successful spring.

A pair of new chapters were initiated this spring. On January 25, the founders of the Alpha Omicron Chapter at Miami (Ohio) University were initiated, giving BYX its first chapter in the state of Ohio. Less than two months later, on March 15, 16 men at Michigan State were initiated as the Alpha Pi Chapter. Brothers of the Michigan Chapter were involved in the process of helping to establish these chapters.

The National Staff employed new strategies this spring to bring BYX to new campuses. National Director & CDO Brian Lee and National Advisor Blake Hankins made visits to the University of Virginia and Virginia Tech in February, and later they traveled to the University of Iowa and Iowa State in March. BYX had no prospective founders on these campuses, but people close to BYX were able to connect the National Staff to influential individuals on campus and in the community around these universities for many productive meetings.

On top of meeting with these individuals, the staff held informational meetings for students to learn about the purpose and vision of BYX, as well as how they can be a part of bringing BYX to their campus. The staff members took time to visit multiple sororities in order to generate excitement about the prospect of having a BYX chapter on campus and encourage them to tell men close to them about BYX.

The local chapters continue to grow and thrive. For the first time in the fraternity’s history, active membership topped 2,000 in a spring semester. Beyond strong membership numbers, the chapters combined for 235 pledges, which is the largest spring class in fraternity history.

Development of leaders within the local chapters remains a priority. On Thursday, March 5, 30 men from 21 different universities were announced as the selected attendants for the 2015 COR Leadership Retreat. This year’s pool of applicants was deeper and more competitive than any previous year. The third annual COR Leadership Retreat will be held on August 3-13.

Last week, Beta Upsilon Chi celebrated the 30th anniversary of the fraternity’s founding. To celebrate the announcement of the fraternity’s founding on April 27, 1985 at the inaugural Island Party, the National Staff published content throughout the week that looks back on that special day in 1985. A number of Founding Fathers shared stories and thoughts on the establishment of the Alpha Chapter. You can visit The BYX Blog and Facebook page to catch these updates.

Though it’s still early in the year, we hope that you will prayerfully consider how you may be able to bless BYX financially this year. Thus far, BYX has raised $26,300 towards the year-end goal of $220,000.


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