Travel Update: Advisor travels to uncharted territory

15 Byline Blake

Since my last blog, things have been pretty active for me! I took a trip to the beautiful Auburn University. The next week I went on a trip with National Director & CDO Brian Lee to the state of Virginia to visit UVA, Virginia Tech and James Madison University to develop relationships and recruit founding fathers for potential chapters in a brand new state for BYX. From there I was stuck in Chicago for two days due to snow and barely made it to the board meeting in Oklahoma City because of delays and cancellations.

Auburn Visit
These bros are awesome! Not only did I get to do fun stuff like go to basketball and baseball games, tour the football facilities and bowl with the chapter, I was also able to spend a good amount of time getting to know more than just the officers of this chapter. I even got to catch up with a good friend of mine and former president, Will Culpepper.

This group of officers at Auburn is killing it! They have an energetic spirit and are constantly seeking to better their chapter in every way. These guys get it, and I believe they will take Auburn BYX to the next level during their time in leadership. There is also a large number of high-caliber men outside the officer corps. This is exciting to see and I believe it will pay dividends as they move forward as chapter.

I went to chapter meeting while I was there. I loved getting to worship with these guys and share who I am and why I am excited to serve them. At Auburn, they do worship in a contemporary style and throw in a couple of hymns as well. That was cool to experience since it’s rare these days. Props to them for leading worship well!

I experienced many great things at Auburn that week. I was fortunate to empower, cast vision and promote the purpose to men willing to hear, learn and grow! I am encouraged with the direction AU is going and glad I can be a part of it.

Virginia Visit
Brian Lee and I ventured into uncharted territory in the great state of Virginia! We are looking to expand to new campuses such as UVA, Virginia Tech and JMU. This will be a brand new state for BYX, but we are super excited to have guys there with interest and see what God can do on a campus where something like BYX seems like a very foreign concept.

Each school has a different culture, Greek life and Christian atmosphere. This variety presents different challenges but we are encouraged with the potential of what BYX could be at each school.

Board Meeting in Oklahoma City
Attempting to get back to Texas, I was stuck in Chicago for a couple of days. Not a bad place to get stranded especially since I had never been before! I was fortunate to try Chicago style pizza and see the city sights while the DFW Airport was in extreme turmoil with snow and ice.

Luckily, I was able to redirect my flight into Tulsa and had a Board Member Wendel Weaver pick me up at the airport on the way to Oklahoma City. It was a crazy week but it worked out, and I made it to the board meeting.

Board meeting was a blast! It was great to dialogue with some successful and wise men of BYX. I was encouraged by the conversation that we had amongst staff and board. I believe we are heading in the right direction organizationally and I am proud, honored, humbled and blessed to be a part of what BYX is doing at a national level.

Coming up I’ll be at the University of Alabama and Louisiana Tech University! I cannot wait to see what is going on at these chapters and I’m excited to share that in the future.


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