Called To Pray: Looking back on the beginnings of the 24-hour prayer initiative.

15 Byline Hoyt

My kids love to collect rocks. This past weekend I found a bag full of newly-collected rocks that my daughter had picked up while visiting with her grandparents. We have so many bags of rocks around the house and in the yard now that I didn’t really think about it anymore.

I think we can easily go through life in that manner also. We don’t really think too much about it. We set out each day to accomplish our task lists of to-do items, and we can easily forget the bigger picture. Where did this rock come from? What has the rock been through? What part will it play in the future? These questions and more matter!

This is our fourth year of Called to Pray. We initially started Called to Pray in the heat of some intense challenges with the Nu Chapter of BYX in Nashville. Our chapter found itself in the midst of a religious freedom issue on campus in which we were courageously standing for our convictions.

Every visit to a chapter across the country brought questions of “How can we support the Nu Chapter?” The issue resonated with our brothers, and I wanted the deep convictions of the Nu Chapter to be celebrated in national unity. We wanted brothers across the country to have the opportunity to humbly pray for the Nu Chapter.

We set up a Google Doc so that brothers could sign up to participate in our 24-hour, five-day prayer initiative. The response from our brothers and alumni across the country was overwhelming. We filled up every 30-minute time slot so we added a second person to each 30 minutes time slot. We filled that up as well. We were confident that the Lord was moving through BYX and growing and challenging our men in pursuit of Christ.

The initial Called to Pray was so successful that we decided to continue to challenge our men to a 24-hour prayer each spring leading up to the Collegiate Day of Prayer, which is always the last Thursday in February. The CDOP is a united effort among evangelical Christians to collectively pray for college campuses and college students across America.

“The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.” James 5:16

This year there are 1,205 campuses united in their efforts to pray for the Lord to awaken the hearts of college students on campus. We decided to couple our efforts for specific prayer requests for BYX with the larger efforts of CDOP to end our week of prayer together with thousands of others across the country.

Here are the specific prayer requests for BYX that we are asking those who sign up to pray for:

  1. For our brothers serving across the world.
  2. For our brothers who are pastors and ministers in the U.S.
  3. For our brothers leading out in their work place and communities.
  4. For the Board of Directors and National Staff members of BYX in continuing to guide and protect the vision of BYX.
  5. For the 190 men who serve as officers of their BYX chapters.
  6. For the current 2,300 BYX brothers at 34 universities in 16 states.
  7. For the Lord to use our BYX chapters and our men to impact their campus both spiritually and socially.
  8. For the future growth of BYX in developing new chapters.
  9. For the pursuit of Christ within the fraternity that God might continue to use BYX to develop young Christian men.

There is still time to join with us in prayer for all the the Lord is doing in and through BYX and on our campuses. I encourage you to take step back and look at the bigger picture.

As it turns out, a few of the rocks that my daughter brought home were a part of a bigger picture. A few of the rocks were brought home from her grandparents’ trip to the Grand Canyon a few years ago. Those are more than just a couple of rocks and that brings quite a different perspective to a couple of rocks.


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