Friday Devotional: Finding the idols in our lives that distract from worshipping God.

15 Byline Hoyt

Many of us can relate to the feelings of “what now?” that came when the final seconds ticked off of Ohio State’s 42-20 college football championship game victory last month. The conversations went from the final score to the recruiting rankings for the next several weeks. February 4 hit and National Signing Day occurred and now the talk goes from what recruits will we get to analyzing the strengths of each teams recruiting haul.

A few weeks have passed since and now we are looking forward to spring football starting up in just two weeks for some of the earliest schools. After spring football we will be looking forward to all the pre-season summer magazines that come out projecting out how each team will finish and analyzing each teams strengths and weaknesses. You get the idea: football has become a year round event.

If I am not careful with the affection of my heart towards football, it can become a real idol in my life. It’s not necessarily an idol that most people would consider such a bad thing, but it can control my thinking more than it should and lead me to spend more time than I should reading and studying up on my teams future.

During the season it certainly gets worse where, I could find the 2nd half of my Saturday ruined because an 18-year-old dropped a pass for a touchdown that he should have caught. It sounds funny when you say it like that, but here is a video from the Skit guys that showcases how easy it is to have a sport become an idol in your life.

An idol isn’t just about golden calfs anymore. An idol is anything that we worship that is not God. An idol is anything that is more important to your happiness than God.

Romans 1:22-23 would say this:

“Professing to be wise, they became fools, and exchanged the glory of the incorruptible God for an image in the form of corruptible man.”

Unfortunately our hearts are constantly manufacturing idols. We search and jump from idol to idol in hopes that the next one will fulfill our heart with joy. We see this constantly in the “there’s always next year” hope that our team will finally get over the hill and become the champion.

What are some questions we can ask ourselves that could help us locate our idols?

  • Are you looking for fulfillment through this activity?
  • Are you the most joyful during this activity?
  • Is your day ruined if this activity doesn’t go your way?

Let us exam our hearts to determine what if anything has our affections. If you would like further Biblical teaching on idols, check out this video post from BYX Board Member and Summit Church Pastor Tyler Wilson.


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