Travel Update: OSU Chapter’s renewed enthusiasm sets them up for good semester

15 Byline Dean

As the spring semester kicks off and the travel schedule starts to solidify, it’s time again to accept that regularity will be absent from my vocabulary for a few months. First on the docket is a trip up to Stillwater, OK to visit my Pokes at Oklahoma State University.

This semester’s trip was one for the ages. I arrived in time to enjoy a few meals and some good conversations with officers. To my great pleasure, I learned that there was a brand-new flame throughout the chapter. The officers are thinking outside the box with a go-getting attitude and the members are buying in. It seems that the brothers at OSU are taking pride in what they do and what they are as a BYX chapter.

Chapter was electric. It was an open chapter, so the brothers got rowdy to welcome the potential pledges. I got to give a little bit of a pitch for BYX and enjoyed the rest of the activities at the meeting.

I had more meetings with officers, realizing that these guys are extremely motivated and what’s most beneficial for them is encouragement to keep it up. I’m excited for this vision and fire to last, hopefully taking the OSU Chapter to the next level.

IMG_3170The highlight of the trip was Tuesday night, when I got to witness an OSU basketball game against ranked Baylor. It was close for a while, but the Pokes pulled away and put on a show for the crowd. As I watched, I noticed that OSU had a metric butt-ton of national championship banners hanging around their stadium. “I didn’t know these guys were so good at sports,” I thought to myself. Then I realized that they were mostly wrestling championships; 34 to be exact. And most of them from before ‘Nam.

I got an evening to just hang out with some of the members, and Wednesday morning consisted of relaxing in the union with some brothers and unique donuts. It was a blessing to see the progress at this chapter and interact with more members than I had before. Thanks for another splendid visit and go Pokes!


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