Travel Update: NA brings experience as founding president to initiation of Miami Chapter.

15 Byline Blake

My first visit as a BYX National Advisor went incredibly well! It was particularly special for me given that it was to Miami University and we initiated them as Founding Fathers of our newest chapter.

It was exciting to be on the other side of this whole process. Just three years ago we were in the same place as these men when we founded the University of Tennessee Chapter. So naturally this had a special place in my visit. Some of my fondest memories came from the founding of our chapter and the results of it.

Just being in the room with these men was an outstanding experience but being able to be an active participant in the process was even more special. I could not help but be encouraged as I looked at the brothers seeking something literally life-changing. As I looked back to our founding and how BYX impacted me, I was able to help put into perspective the magnitude of that night for the guys in Oxford.

What they are doing at Miami University has potential to change the brotherhood, their campus and the culture within Greek life. Being on both sides of initiating and starting a chapter has been rewarding for me, and I am blessed to have been involved with such an exciting visit from the start of my job here with BYX.

The trip did not end with initiation. This was just the beginning. Now is where we have work to do at Miami U. Wouldn’t it be nice if following the initiation of a chapter everything became easy, fun and blue skies? The initiation is just the start of something greater, whether it be difficult or easy. We will not wake up one day and BYX be all that it is meant to be. It takes work, passion and vision. We spent a good amount of time casting vision for the men at Miami. I believe it was time well spent because these brothers are starting to get it and the ceiling on their chapter is high.

It seems as though a recurring theme in my heart for BYX since coming on board has been this idea that we, as Beta Upsilon Chi, are meant for more. We are doing something unique as BYX and my concern is that we do that well. Our chapters, our campuses and our culture can be changed greatly by BYX being what it is meant to be. That is a seemingly big task but a massive opportunity.

BYX is unique, impactful and pioneering. It is absolutely essential that we are who we say we are. We are a lifelong brotherhood of committed Christian men seeking the bonds of brotherhood and unity in Christ through the avenue of a social fraternity on a college campus. BYX is 100 percent Christian and 100 percent fraternity. We cannot do either half way. The moment we become partly Christian, the purpose of BYX no longer exists.

Likewise, as soon as we become less than a healthy amount of fraternal, we are equally not living out the purpose and vision of BYX. In only doing one part we risk the opportunity of living out the uniqueness of Beta Upsilon Chi.

I want to encourage you, brothers, to seek the full potential of our beloved fraternity, being committed Christian men in a social fraternity. Nothing on the planet does what BYX does and God has given us this incredible blessing of being a part of it.

Outside of casting vision with the brothers at Miami University, we game planned the opportunity to take BYX to next level. They have an exciting semester ahead of them, and I believe we will see something great from these brothers. Please pray for the health of the chapter and God’s hand to work mightily. Ultimately all glory is God’s; May that be at the forefront of everything.


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