Beta Upsilon Chi introduces refreshed versions of official marks for 2015

Blog Byline RobertBeta Upsilon Chi is an important element of Greek life on college campuses all over the country and a catalyst for growth for thousands of men. The fraternity continues to grow in membership and chapters, and more men on more campuses are experiencing brotherhood and unity in Christ through the avenue of a social fraternity on a college campus.

Since 2004, Beta Upsilon Chi has made major strides in the area of branding and visual identity. The fraternity has continued to grow to new campuses and while growing on existing campuses. Rush numbers and membership have increased each year. Many of these strides can be attributed in part to a stronger visual identity as the fraternity has sought to operate with a higher degree of excellence in the area of media and communications.

In order to further embrace the positive aspects of fraternity life as a “social fraternity on a college campus” and further impact Greek culture, Beta Upsilon Chi has conducted research of the visual identities of other Greek fraternities while evaluating the quality of the visual identity of BYX.

This process resulted in additional fraternity marks, improved quality of existing marks, greater sensitivity to Greek branding and more comprehensive visual standards. In doing so, Brothers Under Christ has positioned itself to maintain a consistent and high-quality brand that embodies the excellence that the fraternity desires to be associated with Jesus Christ.

The National Staff is excited to share these marks and give a glimpse into our thought process.

NOT Logo Reveal

The BYX Logo is the primary mark of the fraternity as it displays both names associated with the fraternity as well as its letters. The previous version of the logo presented challenges with use in design due to the white box that surrounded names and the drastically different fonts used within the design of the logo itself. Alternate versions used bars rather than a box. The mark, as a whole, did not fit well within the fraternity landscape.

The updated logo addresses these issues. The font used for the fraternity name convey a classic, historical character consistent with Greek fraternities. Many other fraternities also employ wordmarks that use their letters as a focal point while displaying the name, values or slogan less conspicuously. The mark boldly promotes who BYX is in a manner that is aesthetically pleasing and consistent with other marks in Greek life.

Another noticeable change is the implementation of the three stripes above and below the letters. These lines strengthen the mark visually and represent the cord of three strands symbol drawn from Ecclesiastes 4:12. Due to difficulty of embroidering the three stripes and the serifs on the letters, an alternate bold logo is also available.

Blog Crest Reveal

When the National Staff began the process of researching fraternity branding and compared the current marks of BYX to the high standards of other fraternities, it became evident that the crest needed to be updated to better fit in with the Greek landscape.

The National Staff and Board of Directors enlisted Texas Chapter Founder David Daniels, who designed the crest in 1985, to refresh the crest. Daniels sought to maintain the meaning and significance of the crest while presenting the symbols in a timeless manner consistent with other fraternities.

Daniels made a number of changes to the crest. The shield bows convex rather than concave at the top. This shape communicates greater strength.

The dove and crown were changed to reflect the dove and crown already in use on graduate honor coins, creating consistency with other images in use. The chalice was given detail and distinction. Previously, the chalice and the dove have “dropped” out in smaller images making them almost unrecognizable.

A pattern was added to the purple background in the top portion of the shield got to heighten the regal feel of the shield. The original budded cross (round tips) has reference to some eastern orthodox religions, while the square-tipped cross is more generic and communicates a more masculine feel. The bottom banner was made much more readable, even at smaller presentations.

The final product is a timeless mark that displays the symbols of the crest in a manner that is more polished, detailed and aesthetically pleasing. It is a refined crest using better tools, in a better day, for a better expression of our great God-honoring fraternity.

Blog Symbol Reveal

Additional symbols and logos are common within Greek life. Research into fraternity brand standards revealed a variety of marks that often emphasize a single element of the fraternity’s tradition. Many of these fraternity logos feature symbols derived directly from the crest. These marks provide versatility to the fraternities’ visual identity.

Historically, BYX has had two official marks as part of the fraternity’s visual identity: the logo and the crest. Many chapters desired another strong mark that they could use in a variety of manners. This often led to chapters abusing brand standards for the crest by producing it in one color. The crest was used far too haphazardly in an effort to create visually appealing graphics and merchandise. In light of this, the National Staff and Board of Directors decided to introduce another official mark to the visual identity of Beta Upsilon Chi.

Texas Founder David Daniels produced the BYX Shield, focusing on the centrality of Christ by making the cross the focal point of the design, setting it within the same shield that appears in the crest. The mark is simple and easy to replicate, while also carrying significant meaning to the fraternity. The simplicity and versatility will give BYX greater flexibility in their visual identity. The BYX shield will help the fraternity to hold the crest in higher esteem by ensuring that it is used appropriately. The BYX Shield will serve as the pledge pin for Beta Upsilon Chi.


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