What to expect at National Officer Training

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Thirty years! The year 2015 will mark 30 years since the founding of Beta Upsilon Chi. That makes this year’s National Officer Training one of the most important weekends in our fraternity’s history. It is the one time every year where all the leaders from every chapter are present. The energy is over the top, the history is steep and the vision is alive and well.

BYX exists to establish brotherhood and unity among college men based on the common bond of Jesus Christ. We will seek to further this purpose through all our events and activities for the weekend. How will we live out the purpose and prepare the men for their tenure as officers?

Chapters will compete with another chapter in our Battle of the Brethren, which will feature some new and unique twists this year along with the annual dodgeball tournament.

DSC_5902Leaders will hear from key national fraternity leaders on why BYX exists, leadership, the fraternity’s impact and national unity from the main stage. Breakout sessions with board and national staff members on the marks of a fraternity will highlight Saturday morning.

We hope to take full advantage of the wisdom and experience at the fraternity’s disposal by holding an honest question and answer session on some key cultural issues. Jared Musgrove, Jon Sherman and Tyler Wilson, who serve on the BYX Board of Directors and work as pastors in local churches, will sit on the panel.

The evening breakout sessions will allow leaders to sit with others who serve in their position and learn what’s expected of them in their officer position. Presidents will learn how to be the keeper of the vision. Vice Presidents will learn how to engage the campus in service and socials. Pledge Captains will learn how to recruit, hold rush and execute pledge meetings. Chaplains will learn how to structure cell groups and care for their leaders, as well as what is expected of them with devotionals to the chapter. Treasurers will learn how to make and keep a budget. Secretaries will learn how to communicate with officers, members, alumni and those outside of BYX. It is a packed weekend of learning.

Sunday morning will feature another breakout session with each chapter’s national advisor. Equipped with the vision and understanding the role national advisors play, the officers will spend time with their advisors, walking through some expectations for their relationship.

Arkansas and UCAThe final session on Sunday will give a glimpse into the future of BYX as far as growth and expansion. These are exciting times to be a part of BYX with more new chapter leads and interest than ever before in our history. We will join together to pray for the newest chapters and ask for our leaders to continue to help with the growth of the fraternity.

If executed with excellence, these sessions will put the officer in a position to carry out our purpose on their campus as a thriving Christian social fraternity. Join us in praying for National Officer Training on November 21-23 as we come together in brotherhood and unity based on the common bond of Jesus Christ.


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