Chapter Visit: Advisor visits Alabama Chapter in wake of Tide rolling his alma mater.

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That is disgraceful, but how impeccable is the timing of a national advisor from Texas A&M stepping foot onto the campus of the University of Alabama to lead these men in the wake of the shellacking that took place the day before between the two schools. Now, I will be honest, I hardly watched the first quarter of the game. But it was shocking to see the final score, and thank goodness I did not take the advice of my wife and go to Tuscaloosa on Saturday to see the game.

This being my second trip to Bama, I was greeted with some familiar faces when I walked into officer meeting Sunday. Along with the old crew of founding fathers, a newer, and slightly less-aged group of men sat around the circle listening in to the meeting at hand. Elections had taken place the week before, and outside of the current vice president and future president Austin Shirey, we had five new officers for the coming year.

The current officer corps is working well together and this new batch of officers look ready to further the chapter towards the ultimate vision of BYX. A big goal for the next officer team is to promote a deeper brotherhood and unity amongst their men and achieving that by implementing “big events” after meeting to hang out and compete against one another weekly in games and activities.

IMG_0362On Monday I met with all of the current officers, and I sprinkled in five meetings with the new officers. As the day moved along, I was impressed by the organization of the chapter, which is led largely by Secretary Dalton Johnson (who just get married this past Saturday!) and President Brandon Delavar. Austin will be working to keep the organizational side of the chapter steady while also fostering the flexibility within chapter meetings that keep the members from falling asleep.

Like most young chapters, they are continuing to work through the ever-present issue of not being a big chapter on campus yet. With that being said, Alabama is using tailgating events and fundraisers to spread their campus presence along with meeting the sororities.

One of the big events so far in the fall was BYX Bonfire, which was done to attract potentials to BYX while also getting the campus aware of us on campus. T-Shirts, or, as I like to call them, walking advertisements, have played a huge part in spreading the name of BYX on campus. The 2015 officers will be looking to find ways to stay creative with their events on campus as well as with the sororities.

A major strength for the Alpha Iota Chapter is their chair structure. Nearly every member in the chapter holds a chair position that, hopefully, will incorporate all actives to serve the chapter well. Currently they are working at better developing their chairs to do the tasks they are assigned without the officers having to micromanage them. This is the second biggest task for the new corps coming in, and one that will immensely help the officers oversee their chairs better in 2015.

Now, remember that whole “Alabama is good at football” thing? Well sadly for the brothers that did not pan out on the intramural field Monday night. But, on a positive note, we did not see Treasurer Bret Malone on Saturday Down South’s “Sad fans being sad” article this week. Bret has been featured on ESPN multiple times over the past few seasons, most notably during the famous field goal return by Auburn last year and the Ole Miss upset just a few weeks ago. I guess brother Malone was not as invested in Alabama intramurals as we could have hoped.

Overall the Alpha Iota Chapter is running well, with three areas of growth that will be emphasized by the 2015 officers: creating a deeper brotherhood, continuing to push involvement by their chair positions and further developing relationships with sororities. As this young chapter continues to grow, sooner rather than later we will be seeing a powerhouse fraternity proclaiming the Gospel well on the campus of University of Alabama.

My brothers, thanks for the great trip to Tuscaloosa. I hope I can return with a better football team next visit. Roll Tide Roll.


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