Chapter Visit: Alpha Chapter looks to promote social and spiritual identity of BYX

Blog Byline Van MeterI don’t understand why everyone wants to keep Austin weird. I guess it’s better than aiming to make Austin weirder, which in reality would be a difficult feat. Maybe I can start a new movement to lessen Austin’s weirdness. Who will join me?

Of course, I am always open for people, or cities, to be unique in their own way; our travel experiences would be extremely boring without this individuality. But my welcoming into Austin this time (I have been there before) was a little too unique and uninvited.

After jovially driving through campus heading to a BYX brother’s house, my spirits were halted and quite traumatized when I saw an older gentleman riding a bicycle with fewer clothes on than what humans normally wear. But it wasn’t just the fact that he didn’t have a shirt or pants on; he had decided to commit to his flaunting by only wearing a G-string. He did his part to keep Austin weird.

Now that I have inserted an undesirable picture in your mind, I hope you will join my movement to decrease Austin’s weirdness.

photo 4Although the start of my visit to the Texas BYX chapter started on the wrong foot, the rest of the day and visit went really well. I was taken on a campus tour by Sam Hodde and learned the details of each monument and important building, while getting to know Sam. It was a great time.

That night I was able to experience some chicken and waffles at dinner with the brothers who hosted me. I really enjoyed being housed by these guys and having the extra time to hang and bond with them. This BYX household was called The Fort and had 9 guys staying there. So yes, to affirm your assumption, there was a distinct man smell to the house.

Tuesday I had individual meetings with members and some of the officers. I appreciated getting to converse with each of these guys face-to-face finally. There really is something special about sitting down and connecting with guys one-on-one. Our culture has turned us into busybodies, making our time and pressing priorities run the show instead of our will and long-term purpose.

Sometimes its good to just stop, set aside our next set of urgencies and spend time truly connecting with those around us for eternal purpose. That’s easier said than done, especially because my job entails connecting with guys, but it is always a good reminder to seek Godly purpose in our daily lives.

photo 2I loved getting to share my BYX story at chapter and encourage the guys. I was introduced with an old, goofy high school picture of mine, which has now become almost an expectation, but still humbling and hilarious.

Like I mention in my other blogs, I always take something specific out of each of my chapter visits, normally something that the chapter is struggling with or going through. And just like every chapter, our Alpha Chapter has struggles, questions and areas they can grow in.

One question that came up, which I think a majority of our BYX chapters deal with, is how to balance our identity as a social fraternity and a Christ-centered entity. Some men are all about the socials and interacting with Greek and campus life, pushing for external impact and bettering BYX’s reputation. Other men strive to focus on internal growth and development inside the chapter spiritually, striving for true sharpening within the chapter. Should one of these areas be focused on more prevalently? Which area encompasses BYX’s purpose and identity more?

The answer is that both of these sides are significant. Our identity states that we are a lifelong brotherhood of committed Christian men seeking the bonds of brotherhood and unity in Christ through the avenue of a social fraternity on a college campus.

So yes, it is crucial that we strive to focus internally at the spiritual state of our chapter and our men individually. This means having impactful and purposeful chapters, vulnerable and sharpening cell groups, and brotherhood and unity that is truly molding each of us into better men of God. If your chapter isn’t creating spiritual growth, or facilitating eternal purpose through its experiences and relationships, then your chapter is missing the point.

On the other hand, being Christ-centered doesn’t mean we should stay in our little Christian BYX bubble. As Christians in general we are called to share the good news and be salt and light to the world around us.

The platform that BYX takes is a social fraternity on a college campus. If we aren’t reaching out to the Greek community, getting involved, showing up to their events and inviting them to ours, then we are missing the point. We develop Christian leaders within BYX internally so that they may be influencers in the world externally.


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