Chapter Visit: Advisor pops in on OSU Chapter

Blog Byline DeanI would like to start this blog post with an open apology to the BYX National Staff. We have an unofficial rule on staff that officially states: “Upon each visit to The Oklahoma Territory, advisors shalt acquireth a bountiful harvest of The Nectar of the Pops and returneth home with his plunder, to the merriment thereof and the glory of God our Father, forever and ever, amen.”

I did not go to Pops and bring back delicious carbonated beverages. I have consequently been fired and am writing this blog post for free.

But hey, Stillwater was fun. I arrived mid-afternoon on Monday to meet with my treasurer and fellow Gator fan, Chase Dickson. The financial organization of this chapter is on point, fret not. Also worth noting is that Chase scored 38.5 points for my fantasy football team at their intramural game that afternoon. I’m glad I started him over Jeff Driskel.

IMG_2448Moving on, I caught up with VP Zach Simpson, who, along with his large social team, is making a push to involve the chapter in the social and Greek community at OSU more than ever. Speaking of chairs, this chapter has a well-established and organized chair structure that takes pressure and stress off of the officers by spreading the workload out. OSU BYX is one of my better chapters at delegating responsibility, which translates to leadership development.

That night was chapter meeting and we had a special guest, Texas A&M BYX alumnus Max Heller, whom I met back in my days as an officer. Chapter was opened professionally and the worship was just awesome. I gave my talk, provided an expansion update, and with both of those well received, I had a seat and listened to the rest of the announcements.

Pledge meeting followed, featuring a lesson on time management (amen!) and instruction for a human Mario Kart game. Smash followed that, and I surprised some bros with my skill.
Tuesday I walked to campus once again to meet with a few officers and a number of potential officers. Some guys I had scheduled meetings with, some guys I ran into at the Union. I always love seeing groups of BYX guys hanging out around campus.

No OSU blog post is complete without a recap of my biannual visit to Eskimo Joe’s. My first time there, I got the “Fowl Thing,” which was basically a really good chicken sandwich with a pineapple slice on it. The second time, I saw the “very hot spice” blackened chicken sandwich with orange horseradish marmalade, so I obviously went that direction. This time, I found my groove. I ordered a “very hot spice” blackened chicken sandwich with orange horseradish marmalade and added a pineapple slice. Amen. Credit to Clutch Jarrett, as I’ve begun to call him thanks to this predicament (as Jameis Winston would say), for the suggestion.

Officer meeting was that night, followed by a visit to Bad Brad’s BBQ, where the brisket cheese fries flow like milk from a gallon carton. Officer elections are coming up for OSU, so a new team will soon step into their roles to try to propel this chapter farther than it’s ever been. Let’s make it happen.


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