Chapter Visit: Iota Chapter leaves advisor excited for bright future

Blog Byline DeanTo Connecticut, I flew. To Florida, I flew. To Louisiana and Kansas, I flew. But this week, The White Stallion got to hit the open road. Just kidding, I don’t call my car The White Stallion. Ok, just sometimes.

In fewer words, I drove to Waco this week. And I always forget how short a drive it is. R.C. Sproul hardly got through lecturing me on cosmological apologetics before I was stepping into my first meeting.

I had a meeting lined up with every officer, as well as a slew of hopeful future officers. These new fellas are as energetic and ambitious as I’ve ever seen in my travels.

IMG_2420It will be up to them to build on the sound, nauseatingly organized foundation the past two exec teams have built to really propel this chapter forward. You heard it first here, I’m calling a breakthrough year next year for Baylor BYX in terms of social involvement, recruitment supremacy and brotherhood. They’re good in some of these areas now, but the future is brighter.

Speaking of good area, BYX at Baylor has some prime tailgating real estate on the Brazos River a stone’s they from the newly built McLane Stadium.

President Nathan Ochoa and the officers did a few things to make me feel at home on my visit. The first of which was a kayaking excursion to the aforementioned tailgate space. It’s not every day that I get to go out on the water in Texas, nor get an up-close view of a fresh football stadium, so I would call this afternoon a win.

That night was dinner with the officers at Waco-famous George’s, where they serve their chicken breasts covered in sweet jalepenos and cheese. This only enhanced my red carpet experience.
IMG_2411Tuesday brought more meetings, more brainstorming and more exciting new ideas for the future. Chapter meeting was formal that night, and the officers pulled out yet another beautiful gesture. I was introduced by Nathan as 5-foot-8-inches of solid man who is always flexing. Ok I might have exaggerated my height a little bit for the blog post.

Following this thoughtful intro, a silly video clip led into my talk. My talk was on the importance of transparency in cell groups and excitement among the brotherhood.

Dinner that night was at Buffalo Wild Wings, where I was reminded that I should never again eat the “blazin” wings. I got to catch up with a few brothers, hear some ridiculous stories and meet the pledges. There’s something about these pledges that gives me confidence for the future. It may be that they’re social and funny, or that they’re always curious about how BYX can better fulfill its vision.

I finished up my visit Wednesday with a few more meetings and lunch at Baris, a local Italian restaurant that makes me crave Italian food. And if you know me, you’d know that Italian food is typically nothing special to me. With plenty to be encouraged by and plenty to work on, I departed from the Iota Chapter. Thank you for the royal treatment, my brothers!


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