Chapter Visit: Advisor pushes Mizzou Chapter to invest passionately into BYX

Blog Byline Van Meter

Before working with the Mizzou Chapter, I hadn’t really heard of Columbia, Missouri. Obviously I had heard of the University of Missouri, but before then I would think my friends getting a job in Columbia meant a job in the actual country.
Now that I have started off my blog embarrassing myself, I want to say that my experience in Columbia, Missouri couldn’t have been any better; there was a perfect balance of work, adventure and brotherhood.

The plane I took was probably the smallest I have ever been on, and I think Columbia airport takes the gold for being one of the smallest airports in America; I’m pretty sure it only had one gate. After getting picked up by the President Adam Tilley, I went on a campus tour with his roommates Ryne and Levi.

The weather was absolutely perfect and the campus beautiful. Although seeing the famous pillars and the old school “red” campus, my favorite part of the tour was the recreation center. This little city had weight, cardio and training rooms plus basketball courts, several pools, a whirlpool, a salon, a massage room, study lounges, a rock wall and several other athletic and active things that I probably missed. It blew my mind.

Dinner with the officers went really well, and then I attended their chapter meeting that night. It was great to see some familiar faces, meet a lot of new faces and share my BYX story with the brothers. Later that night we did what college guys do: played some wii-U and then went to Steak and Shake at 12 a.m. (I’m establishing brotherhood with these guys).

The last two days were full of meeting with the brothers individually. Although I do love sharing and encouraging the guys by talking at chapter meeting, these individual meetings are my favorite. It really allows for some fruitful conversation and connecting beyond just a surface level.

Moreover, I always try and take something out of each of these meetings and my chapter visits. What I learned from this visit was how important it is to empower passion. All of us are passionate about something, but if we don’t know how to use that passion, or guide it in any direction, it turns out to be a waste. Each of the men I talked to had a passion for BYX, but most were trying to figure out how to apply and use that passion.

Whether it’s BYX, our workplace, church, school or gym, we are there for a reason. Our passion for the things we are involved in is supposed to spur us on to make an impact in those places. Whether it’s through leadership or serving, our passion should be a platform for eternal impact.

Monday night I got to see a great friend of mine, Cole Crawford, who went on the 2013 COR Leadership Retreat with me. He took me to a top-secret place that was really cool. I’m not going to say it was date-like, but it was pretty bromantic.

We then went to three BYX IM football games that were all being played at the same time on the only three fields they had. It was a little difficult to watch all three games at the same time, but it was cool to see BYX well represented that night. Although only one team won, we all came together afterwards and prayed. I am always really encouraged and blessed when brothers come together and pray, so that moment became one of my favorite parts of the trip.

I got some amazing sleep because Daniel Bristow, a 2014 COR attendant, is the nicest guy I know. Not only did we get to catch up, but Daniel also let me sleep in his bed while he took the couch. That is true brotherhood right there.

Tuesday became another day of awesome meetings with guys but was sadly short-lived. I was dropped off at the tiny airport again, took a ramp up to the tiny plane, and flew back home.

Columbia, Missouri was a fine trip. I look forward to seeing God continue to use BYX on the University of Missouri campus, and for its men to grow in brotherhood and unity while continuing to allow God to guide their passions for eternal impact and His glory.


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