Rush Week nears along with start of the semester.

FB Rush ClemBlog Byline FisherThe time has come brothers. Fall is quickly approaching, and with that we have thousands of men coming onto our campuses who need the brotherhood and unity that BYX offers.

Fall rush is a huge opportunity for your chapter to recruit a great pledge class that will be the foundation of the chapter for the next four years. Strategic planning and execution of rush week is critical to building that great foundation. Over this summer your chapter has (hopefully) been actively recruiting potentials and collecting names and contact information that will be used come rush week. It is pertinent that your pledge team continues to promote your Rush Facebook group and give the potentials all the information they will need to attend rush events.

As for promoting rush week, many chapters create “Rush BYX” shirts or tanks that the members can buy and wear to advertise rush week. Make sure that the dates of rush week are included on the shirt or tank. Also if your chapter can afford it, buying extra shirts or tanks and giving them to girls is a good idea. Let them help with spreading the word.

Flyers and “Rush BYX” business cards are helpful and a cheap way to get your name out. If your chapter is setting up a booth or table at any camps or open house events, bring a laptop with the Google Doc of potentials information in order to give any potentials the option to receive more information about rush week. Make it easy for potentials to attend events.

Football HuddleAs rush week begins, use the potentials email addresses and the Rush Facebook group to remind everyone of the time and location of events. Try to make events on campus if possible and offer rides to potentials if any events are off campus. Keep three things in mind when putting on each rush event: be inviting, be intentional, and be invested.

Each event should be something that is attractive for potentials and the environment of the event should be inviting for every guy. While having conversations, be intentional with whoever you are talking to. Many guys do not experience true intentionality often, and, in some cases, that alone can convince a guy to rush. Focus on the potential and the conversation. You can talk with your buddies after the event.

And lastly, be invested in what is going on in the potential’s world. Ask him questions and get to know where he is coming from. Potentials most likely will not become pledges if they do not have a relationship with a member or other potential pledge. Give potentials a familiar face to see at an event later on in the week.

Most, if not all, actives need to be attending all rush events and helping with showing potentials the great brotherhood BYX offers. Continue to tell potentials why you are in BYX and what it can give them. Do not sugarcoat the investment pledgeship will take, but continue to tell them why our brotherhood and unity is something that is worth going through pledgeship for.

Rush week is an undertaking that the entire chapter needs to get behind, just like Island Party in the spring. Be unified in promoting the name of BYX on your campus, and be intentional with every potential you meet. BYX is a life-changing fraternity that is in the business of pushing men to Christ daily, so get pumped for the opportunity to welcome as many men as you can into your chapter.

For more graphics to help with your recruiting efforts, please visit the BYX Facebook page.


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