Get to know the National Staff: Jayson Fisher

Blog Byline FisherJayson graduated from Texas A&M University in May 2014 with a degree in History with a minor in Religious Studies. He was born and raised in Grapevine, TX and now lives with his wife, Kylan, in Plano, TX. Jayson began working part-time as a national advisor in Spring 2014 and is continuing to work part-time by advising five chapters as he pursues his master’s degree in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary.

1. Why did you want to work for BYX?
As my time in BYX was coming to a close, I felt an odd sense that I wanted to continue to serve. I loved working as a pledge captain and wanted to continue to pour into college-aged men who love the Lord. This job is incredible and BYX is doing some incredible things on lots of campuses, and I wanted to be a part of that.

2. What positions did you hold in BYX?
I was the eternal pledge. After pledging in the fall of my freshman year in 2010, I served as pledge trainer my sophomore year under Casey Bush where I ran the pledge brotherhood events. Then my junior year I ran pledge meetings as a pledge chair under Zack Lecroy. Then finally my senior year I was pledge captain. I like pledges apparently.

1017523_10201890075394463_5589009520587305175_n3. What are your career aspirations?
I saw from being a pledge captain that I loved building up Christian leaders, so my end goal will be to be a professor at a Bible College or Seminary where I can train up Christian leaders to go do ministry. I would also love to be involved in the Church, so there may be a door there that I walk into, but who knows about that yet.

4. What aspects of your personality and character will make you effective in this job?
I am a relational guy who loves to hang out in social situations, which makes this job much easier. From phone conversations to visits, I love being able to pour into men and get to know my chapters at a heart level. Also, to some degree, I am a deep person, so being surrounded on a day-to-day basis with men pursuing the Lord wholeheartedly gives me such encouragement to pursue Him daily.

5. What did you study at Texas A&M and what will you be studying at Dallas Theological Seminary?
I received my B.A. in History from A&M with a minor in Religious Studies, which was a great first step for me to head into seminary even though I declared my major before I knew Christ. He had that door for me even before I came to know Him.

At Dallas Theological Seminary, I will be doing my Masters in Theology with an emphasis in Biblical Exegesis. I haven’t completely decided on the emphasis, but I have time to figure that out. Those are fancy words for wanting to be a nerdy professor who teaches the Bible and biblical languages like Hebrew and Greek.

10245447_10202547485660784_508453636991779717_n6. How is married life?
Married life is unbelievable. No parents! It is a little nerve-racking to be leading another person and working through “adult decisions,” but it is great. Loving the place we are at and He is leading us to great places.

7. Tell us about the wifey.
Kylan and I met in Israel in 2011. She is not an Aggie, which is a sort of cardinal sin to most Aggies, and she is from Oregon. A Yankee! But yeah she is an incredible woman of God who is currently working for Investor’s Business Daily and soon will be getting her teaching certificate so she can teach inner-city high school English. I am basically married to Hillary Swank from Freedom Writers. She is incredible.

8. If you had to choose between swimming in Chuy’s creamy jalapeno dip or their queso, which would you choose?
That creamy jalapeño dip was shipped to our wedding in Oregon, so you could say I love the stuff. Their queso is okay, but does not stand up to Abuelo’s, Uncle Julio’s or even Cantina Laredo. Jalapeño ranch dip all the way.

9. What do you like to do with your free time?
I do lots of reading now, I am going through my seminary textbooks which is great. I also have an English bulldog named Goliath so he keeps me occupied too. Also I am married, so I do married things too.

10. Word on the street is you once set a world record? Tell us about it.
I did. It was in three-minute speed (how many times you can jump a rope in three minutes). Long story short, I was a competitive Jump Roper, and that is one of the events you do in competition. That happened in 8th grade, I believe, but unfortunately has been passed by a guy from Australia and now an American holds the record again.

11. If the Ja(y)sons on staff arm wrestled, who would win?1531848_10152167132713734_1638382067_n
Hmmm. I am not much of an arm wrestler, so I would go with the boss on that one. Although with being a competitive Jump Roper, I could definitely take him in a leg wrestling competition. I would even go as far as saying I could take anyone on staff. Yeah I said it.

12. What gets you excited about joining the National Staff?
Expansion. No question about it. We are growing as a fraternity and influencing more and more guys every year and that gets me pumped. I have been given the opportunity to take on the new chapters this semester, which fires me up to get these chapters up off the ground. It will be awesome!


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