Get to know the National Staff: Zach Van Meter

Blog Byline Van MeterZach graduated from the University of Oklahoma in May 2014 with a Bachelor’s in Entrepreneurship and Venture Management. He is from Oklahoma City, where he has lived his entire life. Zach worked part-time as a national advisor in Spring 2014 and is now working on the National Staff full time. He will be responsible for leading eight chapters as a national advisor and is excited for the opportunity to connect with and guide other brothers in BYX around the nation.

1. What leadership experience do you have from BYX and other organizations?
Outside of BYX I was a small group leader at Camp Crimson for 3 summers, assistant director for Scandals in 2012, PR chair for Sooners Helping Sooners in 2012 and vice president of marketing in a company in Integrated Business Core in Fall 2012. In BYX I served on the pledge team as the missions chair in 2011, was a cell group leader from 2011-2013 and was president in 2013.

I have always strived to become a leader in whatever area I am involved in, but I have also learned a lot about following during my junior year. It was the one-year that I didn’t have a major leadership position after running for pledge captain and not getting elected, which was God’s plan. Serving “in the trenches” as a member and in a leadership position in BYX has helped me grasp how important every member of the fraternity is. Whether in a leadership position or not, every member has the ability to make an impact in their local chapter. It just takes the effort.

644297_529968027050069_1335652911_n2. When you weren’t busy playing the French horn, what did you study at OU?
Well, I actually only played French horn in college for the first two years (band camp got a little crazy…), but I studied Pharmacology of Adrenaline, Sociology, Shredding Technologies and African Repercussions.

Ok, I actually studied Biology my freshman year and then Entrepreneurship and Venture Management the last three years, which is what I got my degree in.

3. Why did you want to join the National Staff?
BYX made a significant impact on my life in college. Without it, I wouldn’t be where I am today, especially in my relationship with Christ. I wanted to join the National Staff because I wanted the opportunity to encourage other college guys to experience all that BYX offers. I love connecting with guys and pouring into them while getting sharpened myself. I know the National Staff and BYX is the perfect opportunity for that, while making an impact in peoples lives for God’s Kingdom.

4. What are some of your long-term goals?
I desire to be a solid husband and father someday; one that serves my wife, family and God well. I would love to travel and experience the world at some point in my life, whether that is through missions or vacation time. I desire to start my own company someday, but I also feel like I might end up in ministry later in life.

Overall, my goal is to live with integrity and humility. I want to have knowledge and discernment from the Lord and a life that is completely dependent on His guidance and Word. I also want to remain fit for as long as possible, haha.

10365889_10200932271069460_6239497206407912259_n5. What was it like growing up as a quadruplet?
Well, birthdays were never boring! It actually was a lot of fun. I had to learn very quickly what sharing meant, and my parents put us through some intense discipline early on, which definitely paid off for my siblings and I, not to mention my parents. It also is really cool to see how different each of us is. We are all fraternal so we don’t look similar, and we also have different personalities, motivations and desires. I am thankful to have three other siblings that I am still so close to. I wouldn’t want to experience family any other way.

6. How will you add value to your chapters and your men?
Every chapter is in a different situation. Because of this, my first goal is to get to know the officers and men of my chapters to the best of my ability. One of my passions is truly connecting with people, and I hope that I can do that with the men of my chapters so that I can truly understand what situation they are in as a chapter and as individuals. I have experienced BYX myself, so I hope that I can bring different insight, knowledge and ideas to the table for these chapters.

I also enjoy being innovative and strategic. I am optimistic, passionate and love having fun. I will add value to my chapters by sharing life with the guys, making memories and providing guidance as best I can to help their chapters and individual lives thrive.

7. You went on the inaugural COR Leadership Retreat. What was your favorite memory from COR?
First off, this is a very difficult question because the entire experience was amazing; there were a ton of memories made – both funny and serious. My favorite funny memory would either be when Trent Madden screamed in the middle of the night, or when Harrison Jenkins was slapped really hard on the stomach by Forrest McDougal for losing a “what are the odds” wager. And my favorite serious memory would be when everyone was encouraging each other to finish summiting the mountain. It was tough, but it was cool to see everyone come together and push one another to finish.

DSC_50238. Why is your bedroom so cool?
I’m hipster. Not much else needs to be said.

9. What do you like to do with your free time?
It depends on the day, but I love longboarding, going on random adventures, watching movies or playing N64 Super Smash Bros with the bros.

10. How many accidents did you cause driving go-karts at board meeting?
Too many to count. My main goal was to take out Bember and Dean, but they were too busy being in the back of the pack.

11. In a prison rules staff go-kart race, who wins?
Well, if driving over people counts, then I think I would win. Maybe crashing onto people should be extra points?

12. Tell me everything you know about sports.
Well, let’s just say I know who Dwight Howard is.
PS: He’s not the guy on the office, for those of you who don’t know.

13. Describe your life in one word.


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