Board Meeting Recap Day 1: Board and Staff enjoy time of brotherhood before late-night discussions

Blog-Byline-RobertNational Advisor Tyler Owens, who dubbed himself “Johnny Football” for the evening, patiently waited with his hand in the air as the K1 Racing employee briefed our group on track safety. He then posed the question that was on everyone’s mind.

“What is the worst injury sustained on the track?” Owens asked

As he finished his sentence, Chairman of the Board Wendel Weaver smacked the back of Owens’ head with a laminated sheet of paper and cackled like a child.

“Shut up man!” Weaver laughed.

“Decapitation,” the employee responded. He seemed fairly serious.

“Decapitation means your head,” replied Board Member Christian Pinkston.

“Or like a limb then,” the employee replied.

“Dismemberment,” National Advisor and future doctor Dean Tzobanakis replied.

“That’s pretty serious,” confirmed National Director & CDO Brian Lee.

IMG_3439As serious as dismemberment by go-kart is, the first portion of the spring 2014 board meeting was anything but that. On Sunday, April 27, the Board of Directors and National Staff traveled to Houston to discuss pertinent issues in the local chapters, the future of the fraternity and enjoy the lifelong brotherhood that BYX has provided for them.

To kick off each board meeting, the members enjoy a time of brotherhood. Brotherhood and unity is the fraternity’s backbone, so it’s important to provide opportunities for the fraternity’s highest level of leadership to celebrate that camaraderie. The board members sacrifice time, vacation days and a substantial sum of money in both travel costs and donations to the fraternity, so the brotherhood activities serve as a chance to honor the men who give so much to the fraternity.

On Sunday night, before kicking off the discussions, the board and staff met at K1 Racing in Houston. I would venture to say that the men who lead the fraternity have developed relationships as close as those going on in the local chapters. It’s refreshing and challenging to see how these older brothers continue to cultivate close relationships despite not living in close proximity to each other.

Throughout the evening, there was no shortage of laughs, as well as consistent trash talking between the more competitive staff and board members. Many of the board members can boast of substantial professional achievements, but they still have no trouble letting down their guards and cutting up with their brothers. It’s a joy and privilege to work for and with these older brothers.

IMG_3440After Board Member Tyler Wilson dismembered the competition and National Advisor Zach Van Meter nearly decapitated some board members with his go-kart, the meeting shifted gears. We drove to our hotel, headed straight to the conference room and began to address some issues at the local chapter level. The session began at 11 p.m.

For two hours, we went back and forth. A number of ideas and solutions were proposed as the board and staff sorted through the topics at hand. Even as the calendar turned over from Sunday to Monday, we fought to maintain focus, wrestling with issues that had to be addressed for the sake of the men in the local chapters. The discussions had to happen late at night because of the full schedule for the board meeting.

We called it quits on day one at 1 a.m. and headed to our hotel rooms for the first time to get some much-needed rest. With a great time of brotherhood and some productive discussion under our belts, we looked forward to tackling more topics later that day, starting at 8 a.m.



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