Brothers can be an answer to prayer by raising up new founding fathers this summer.

BYX US Map ExpansionBlog Byline BLeeDuring the summer of 2012, two young men from the University of Alabama were working at two different Christian camps. At the time they did not know each other, but, in the providence of God, these two men would hear about BYX that summer and would go on to become founding fathers and instrumental leaders of the Alpha Iota Chapter of Beta Upsilon Chi.

At Camp Ozark, Rod Rahimizadeh caught the vision of BYX. He noticed how the many brothers of BYX shared a love for one another and a passion for ministering to the kids that God had entrusted to them. Members from the University of Texas and LSU Chapters began to share how God had used BYX to transform their lives. These guys also encouraged Rod to consider starting a chapter at the University of Alabama. Rod left Camp Ozark with a desire to bring BYX to Tuscaloosa.

While Rod was catching the vision of BYX at a camp in Arkansas, Jason Johnston was witnessing the brotherhood and unity of many BYX members from various chapters at Pine Cove in Texas. Jason noticed how these brothers shared a bond that was unique at camp. After seeing the vision of BYX on display all summer, Jason left camp determined to get his friends on board with establishing a BYX chapter at Alabama.

Bama Founders Initiation editLess than a year later, these two men, along with 13 others, were being initiated as founding fathers of the Alpha Iota Chapter. This is how the vision of BYX spreads.

Nearly every chapter that we have established can be traced back to one of our brothers sharing the fraternity’s vision with a friend who doesn’t have a chapter at their campus. Our desire is for the vision of BYX to spread like wild fire. And there is no better time for the vision to spread than during the summer.

Many of you will be working at Christian camps, going on mission trips or working at various internships and churches this summer. I ask you to consider the opportunity you have to share how God has changed you through the brotherhood of BYX. I encourage you to apply what you have learned from living in community with other like-minded men. Regardless of where you find yourself this summer, I challenge you to be leaders. To set an example for others and to raise the standard of what it is to be a man who is pursuing Jesus and loving others with all of his heart.

I also challenge you to take advantage of every opportunity to share the vision of BYX with Christian men you come in contact with. Every single time a new chapter is established, there is a potential for countless lives to be transformed by the brotherhood and unity in Christ that can be found in and through Beta Upsilon Chi.

Bama Bro Retreat S14God can use you to inspire the vision of BYX this summer. If you are at a camp, encourage other counselors to consider starting a chapter. Take the time to return to your youth group from high school and share testimony of what God has done in your life in college. Also, if speaking with graduating high school seniors, share with them about the opportunity to either join an existing chapter or start a new one. Take advantage of every opportunity to deposit the vision of BYX into the lives of other young men who God might call to pledge or perhaps even start a new chapter.

As you share the vision this summer, please direct any guys who are interested to Brian Lee. Feel free to email or text 979-575-3114 if you talk with a guy who is interested in finding out more about the process of starting a new chapter.

We pray your summers are fruitful in every way and that God uses each of you to bless those around you. We also pray that the vision of BYX would spread like never before this summer. We invite you to be an answer to that prayer!


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