BYX provides opportunity for substantial quantifiable impact through giving this spring.

Tax-Email-HeadBlog-Byline-JasonNine years ago this week, we formally announced the founding of Beta Upsilon Chi at the University of Georgia. Since that time, the Pi Chapter has initiated over 300 college men into the fraternity. The founders of the Pi Chapter had a vision for an alternative to the traditional Greek lifestyle on campus and set out to establish brotherhood and unity among college men based on the common bond of Jesus Christ.

The founders have long since graduated from the university and are off leaving new legacies through vocational ministry pastors and careers in the business world, but their legacy has been marked by the success of the Pi Chapter. The chapter has grown in their impact on campus and hosts various social events and Bible studies with several Greek sororities each semester. Two former chapter presidents have graduated and continued to serve BYX as national advisors. The Pi Chapter’s impact continues to grow.

DSCN0111Many of our Georgia BYX alumni and alumni from many other chapters have chosen to “Return the Favor” and support BYX financially. The average tax return refund in America is about $2,900 each year. If every BYX alumni and BYX parent passed along just 10 percent of that total to Beta Upsilon Chi, we could fund our primary initiatives for the next three years! That would result in…

That’s …

  • 10 new BYX chapters across the country
  • 600 young Christian men attending National Officer Training
  • 60 emerging BYX leaders experiencing the COR Leadership Retreat

The potential for impact within Beta Upsilon Chi has never been higher. In only it’s second year, the COR Leadership Retreat has grown from 12 brothers to 20. More officers will attend National Officer Training this fall than in any previous year.

33979_220520634802506_857545312_nPerhaps the most staggering number to convey the potential for impact in this season is that there are currently eight prospective chapters going through our phasing process to try to bring BYX to their campus. Our mantra has been to help more men on more campuses experience Beta Upsilon Chi, and we are in a position to do that like never before.

The impact of BYX overflows to countless churches, ministries and workplaces as these men move on from their campus to the world. The time of intimate fellowship these brothers enjoy in college grows them for future challenges and opportunities while preparing them to create genuine community in new circles. The Spirit of the Lord continues to grow the brothers of Beta Upsilon ChiLSU Greek Serve through this rare and unique fraternity.

At this pivotal point in the fraternity’s history, we hope that you will “return the favor” and help the fraternity move forward by giving ten percent of your income tax refund to Beta Upsilon Chi and persisting in prayer for the men of Beta Upsilon Chi.




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