National Unity: Kansas and Ole Miss BYX invade Branson for joint formal

Blog-Byline-DeanBYX men have been known to display national unity among chapters through joint events, from tailgates to retreats to formals. For instance, “The Great East Coast Super Formal of 2012” featured five chapters, gathered in Charleston, South Carolina: Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, NC State and Clemson. Last semester, Kansas and Missouri got together for a party in Kansas City and TCU and Baylor met up in Horseshoe Bay, Texas.

This past weekend, I had the unique opportunity to join two of my own chapters for a joint formal in Branson, Missouri. Now, if you know anything about Branson, it doesn’t sound very appealing for those under the age of 90, that is until you mention that KU and Ole Miss BYX will be there!

There was plenty of good food, great brotherhood and terrible dancing. Everything we have all come to expect from BYX events, and these two chapters are no exception. I got to witness some supreme “awkward white boy-ing” and the guys even plotted to crowd surf me and toss me up in the air for what felt like forever. Upon returning to Earth, I realized how close I was to hitting the chandelier.

Overall, it was great to see my Ole Miss and KU guys more than once this semester and get to let loose a little bit this time. And I think the brothers had a fantastic time too. Just check out these pictures and ask them yourself! We hope your chapter is able to plan a similar destination event with another chapter in the near future to promote brotherhood and unity across the country!

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