Chapter Visit: Advisors leaves UNT Chapter at a high point.


Blog-Byline-RobertIf success as a man is defined by leaving people and organizations better than you found them, then I can step away from the UNT Chapter with my head held high. I have seen these brothers make huge strides during my two tenures as their advisor. In light of these huge strides, I said my goodbyes (again) to the Theta Chapter at UNT on my second last trip to Denton as their advisor and headed back to Fort Worth with much optimism.

The Theta Chapter continues to grow in just about every facet of BYX, and the officers pointed this out on a number of occasions during our one-on-ones. The leaders still have frustrations over some of the fraternity’s remaining shortcomings, but the good news has far outweighed the bad recently.

The Theta Chapter, now about 35 brothers strong, made a greater effort this spring to improve their social and campus presence. They have sought to throw bigger and better events than ever before. The chapter started the semester on a high note with their first ever rave, which they held during rush week. Some legit ravers gave the event their stamp of approval by stopping by with light-up gloves and hula hoops.

Later, they hosted a Roaring 20’s swing dancing mixer with the Christian sororities on campus. Dance instructors taught the men and women how to swing, and they popped bottles of sparkling grape juice throughout the evening. Island Party, which will be held of Monday, April 14, looks to be a great event.

ManOfMonthMarchThe biggest victory of the semester has to be the Theta Chapter’s increased involvement in Greek life. The men hosted a joint Bible Study with the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha. They enjoyed hanging out with the other Greeks so much that they got involved with Kappa Delta for Big Event, a huge campus service day, later in the semester.

Aside from my one-on-ones, I had some time to hang out with the officers and leaders in the chapter. President Enrique Callejas, Chaplain Quentin Babb, Vice President Humberto Lopez and brother Rhett Rodriguez met me for some rather tepid bar-b-que upon my arrival to Denton. Apart from discussing the rock monsters in the “Gladiator” prequel known as “Noah,” the men shared some of their frustrations within the chapter that we will continue to attack.

After an afternoon of one-on-ones, the entire officer team met me for dinner, and then we headed over to chapter meeting. The meeting was both emotional and encouraging. A few brothers had lost loved ones during the week, and the hurt on their faces was evident. The brothers were quick to support each other in the face of trials. The men did their traditional encourabro time, where they pick one brother to recognize. Humberto then honored brother John Michael Davis as “Man of the Month,” and presented him with an axe to commemorate it. After Big Event, John Michael and some other brothers stepped up as gentlemen and paid for the lunch of some Kappa Deltas they had served with.

IMG_3298A few brothers came up to me after chapter to thank me for my challenging address. Others shared with me some of their ideas for getting involved and moving the chapter forward. As I prepare to turn these brothers over to a new advisor, I’m relieved to hear that more men are excited to step up and think innovatively.

Later that night, I joined the brothers for their slow-pitch softball game. To my dismay, I watched the game from an unusual vantage point: the bleachers. Rhett searched far and wide to for a student ID to sneak me into the game, but could not find anyone good-looking enough. At least that’s what I heard him say. Darn these good looks.

IMG_3294I could say that I coached the brothers to a big win, but they didn’t need me. They pummeled the opposing fraternity. If my error on a pop-up in foul territory was any indicator, they may have been better off without me.

After their game, a few brothers stuck around to throw me batting practice so I could erase the memory of the dropped foul ball from my mind. I faired better with a bat in my hand, but the same can’t be said for the ball I literally knocked the cover off of. Yeah, it was damaged before, but let me enjoy my moment.

I can’t say I’m excited to move on from serving the Theta Chapter, but I am excited that I’m stepping away from them at a high point in their history. I look forward to watching from a distance to see where they go from here.


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