Organization and intentionality lead to fruitful summer recruitment.

Pledge ClassBlog Byline FisherFraternities all across the nation this summer will be vying for the best men to be a part of their brotherhood, and we need to be recruiting just as diligently to get men who will lead the fraternity in the future. It is crucial that summer recruitment has two components: planning and intentionality. I will walk through the keys to having a successful recruitment summer, allowing your chapter to thrive come fall.

    Quick Tips for a Successful Summer Recruitment

  1. Be organized: Plan diligently and use Google Docs to keep the chapter up-to-date on potentials’ information.
  2. Be intentional: Develop relationships with potentials.
  3. Be professional: Portray excellence and legitimacy in every area.

Now, planning for the summer starts with the pledge captain and his pledge team, and it begins with successful delegation. Have a Google doc, and use it. Often. Have actives put down names of potentials who are seniors in high school or even those already on campus and get as much information on the doc as possible. Addresses, emails, phone numbers, even having a column counting how many times that potential has been contacted are all things that will be beneficial to recruiting these men into Beta Upsilon Chi. Have the doc be easily accessible, and make sure you use it. This is only as helpful as you and your members make it.

The next thing is summer open events. Some chapters delegate different members to hold open events for potentials in their hometowns throughout the summer months. What makes these events a success is creating an environment that is both welcoming and informative, conveying what BYX is and why the potential should join the brotherhood. Do not be afraid to give him information that may seem boring, he may like that kind of thing. Ultimately the point of the information is to tell him the “why”in why we do BYX. What will he gain from being in this fraternity? Use personal experiences and testimonies to show him how he will benefit from rushing BYX.

picNow, lets not forget one important fact – summer recruitment is not solely the pledge captain’s job. In fact, the summer is resting more on the active members than the pledge captain. One man can only do so much, but an entire chapter-wide push to get more men can make for a revolutionary summer. So actives, talk to men who are coming to campus in the fall, and use the Google doc to provide as much information as possible in order that other actives can intentionally recruit those same men.

When you are pursuing a potential and want to have lunch or dinner, be intentional. Yes, you should pay for his meal, show up on time, and get to know the guy at a heart level. Most potentials who end up becoming pledges have at least one relationship with an active member before they pledge. Be that member. Push yourself to meet with men over the summer and give them the opportunity to form a relationship with you. Sometimes the smallest conversations can turn a potential into a pledge.

Lastly, be formal when pursuing men. Send potentials handwritten letters over the summer inviting them to rush. Even if rush events are open, getting invited gives them a sense of legitimacy as a potential. The recruiting post cards come in handy for those handwritten letters. Give them the recruitment booklets and DVDs, and use items like card stock and letterheads to look as professional as possible. If the potential thinks he is dealing with a professional fraternity, he will take the process of rush, pledgeship and ultimately membership seriously. Those are the type of brothers that BYX needs.

A few tips to remember again for the summer: use Google docs to provide the chapter with potentials’ information, be intentional with your events and conversations, form relationships with potentials, and make sure you are professional. Putting together a great summer recruitment season will pay dividends in the fall. Let’s make this summer a revolutionary one: get the members that will be future leaders within your chapter.


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