Chapter Visit: Alpha Delta Chapter sings and dances to Greek Week championship

Blog-Byline-DeanRemember how last semester I complained about the drive to Magnolia all throughout my SAU blog post? Well that is because I left Fort Worth on a Monday afternoon, hitting Dallas at 2-3 p.m. (let’s face it, Dallas traffic is always atrocious) and the two-lane country roads of southern Arkansas around the time mama’s ringing the dinner bell (apparently, indicated by the volume of trucks on the roads.) This semester, being one semester older and wiser, I left on a Sunday afternoon. So after enjoying a delicious Turkey Pretzel at Corner Bakery with the church folk, I set off.

After traveling east for about four hours, I reached The South. If I wasn’t convinced by the country roads and the aroma of fried chicken increasingly impregnating the atmosphere, I sure would be by the welcome I received from the men of the Alpha Delta Chapter.

worshipTreasurer Stephen Lewis picked me up from my hotel and shuttled me to a tiny church where a local college ministry was having a pizza party for SAU students. Needless to say, that’s where I found the BYX guys, and they were delighted to have me in town. In addition to the pizza was a myriad of desserts probably made with enough sugar to give me diabetes just by looking at them and enough lard to completely clog my arteries (or the English Channel) immediately upon consumption, if not sooner.

Once I finished chowing down on pizza and “strawberry dump cake,” Pledge Captain J.W. Misenheimer took me over to pledge meeting to introduce me to the freshest faces of SAU BYX. They are both extremely musically talented; one of them is going to be the next Lecrae and the other one will be the next Michael Buble.

After pledge meeting, the brothers arrived for chapter meeting. Having all of them together in the same room with me again was a pleasure. My chapter address went swimmingly as I exhorted the men in the many ways BYX offers the best brotherhood and unity on the planet, but I was preaching to the southern gospel choir with this chapter. These men love each other more than bacon gravy.

LipSyncrehearsalGreek Week was upon SAU at the time of my visit, so the men were working hard on their song and dance routine for the upcoming Lip Sync competition, in which BYX had taken first place in two of the three years we’ve been participating. The BYX men chose 90’s rock as their theme, so there was plenty of headbanging and nostalgia. I had the opportunity to watch the men rehearse and even got to help them polish up their music and choreography.

The next night, it all culminated in a first place performance that had the crowd going crazy the entire time. I felt like a proud dad watching his boys clobber all the other boys at school. Phi Mu took the crown for the ladies, so we all got together for a celebratory picture, followed by a celebratory trip to dinner. The guys and gals mixed and exchanged congratulations while waiting an ungodly amount of time for their food.

Of course the night was not done until they thrashed me at some Mario Kart and kept me up way too late. Hey, some of us sleep at night and some of us get paid to travel the country and hang out with college guys.

I am utterly blessed to work with SAU BYX. They made me feel like one of them the entire time I was there, from the unhealthy food consumption to the Mario Kart throwdowns to the Greek Week participation. These guys are some of the easiest to be around that I know and they love the crap out of BYX.



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