The vision and direction of BYX for 2014

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for your involvement and commitment to the fraternity of Beta Upsilon Chi. We finished the year 2013 with remarkable growth. Our youngest chapters continued to establish themselves on campus and our older chapters continue to refine and excel in our purpose. The historic growth internally and externally resulted in our largest numerical membership in our 28-year history with over 725 brothers initiated and a total membership of 2,300 young men. We welcomed our 29th and 30th BYX chapters at the University of Alabama and the University of Michigan. Both the Alpha Iota and the Alpha Kappa chapters are recruiting well and establishing themselves on campus.

As the calendar turns to 2014 and the spring semester is now in full-swing, we have big aspirations for what the Lord is going to do in 2014. First and foremost, we always and continually want to focus on our purpose. Beta Upsilon Chi exists for the purpose of establishing brotherhood and unity among college men based on the common bond of Jesus Christ. We seek to honor our Lord Jesus Christ in all of our actions. He is the one who guides and leads our paths, and we want to follow closely as He uses BYX across the nation.

Within our existing local chapters, we will have much to celebrate in 2014. On February 10, the Psi Chapter of BYX at LSU will officially receive their charter. The LSU BYX chapter was founded in the fall 2008, and the brothers have worked hard to establish the fraternity on campus and make an impact in the Greek community for Christ.

On March 25, the Alpha Gamma Chapter at the University of Central Arkansas will also be chartered on Tuesday, March 4. The UCA Chapter was founded in the spring 2010 semester and has grown to be one of the largest fraternities on campus.

Legacy Weekend Header We have several milestone anniversary years within BYX in 2014. The TCU Chapter, Texas A&M Chapter, UNT Chapter and Arkansas Chapter will celebrate their 25th, 20th, 15th and 10th anniversaries, respectively. Each chapter is planning special Legacy Weekend events so look for more information to come out later this spring. You can read more about the upcoming anniversaries on the BYX Blog.

Our vision for the fraternity’s growth will take root this year with many of the strategic decisions from the last 18 months showing tremendous progress. National Director and Chief Development Officer Brian Lee is promoting the fraternity in areas of the country where BYX does not currently exist. He will focus on promotion in the western and mid-western states through various youth and college conferences. We will continue to take advantage of our growing brand recognition among our current members and their spheres of influence to leverage more opportunities for growth to new campuses. We will make trips to the University of Kentucky, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga, University of South Carolina and Kansas State University this spring to meet young men who have contacted us about starting a BYX chapter in an effort to help those men recruit and spread the word as they begin the process of starting a chapter.

Leadership is the key to what the Lord desires to do through BYX. From the Board of Directors on down to the National Staff and our local chapter officers, leadership development is a priority. Many years ago, we had a vision for intensifying leadership development, and in 2013, we introduced the COR Leadership Retreat as a new means of investing into the fraternity’s top leader  s.

After an application process, 12 brothers were chosen to participate in this three-city, 12-day retreat. The men attended sessions at the work places of prominent alumni who invested into the men spiritually, professionally and personally. The brothers built strong friendships with each other gathering pertinent and unique information from qualified older brothers. August 4-15, 2014, 16 brothers will get the opportunity to attend the COR Leadership Retreat.

November 21-23, 2014, we will gather at Camp Copass in Denton, Texas for National Officer Training. The fraternity’s newly-elected officers from all over the country will come together for a weekend of vision casting, teaching, equipping and training from the Board of Directors and National Staff.

I want to recognize the 287 alumni and parents who supported the national vision of BYX in 2013. We couldn’t have achieved our goals in 2013 without your investment into the brotherhood and unity in Christ that BYX offers. In 2014, our financial need is $210,000 in donor contributions. Contributions will go directly into leadership development and expansion of BYX to new campuses. Our plan is to take 16 brothers on the COR Leadership Retreat, train 200 newly elected officers for 2015 and expand BYX to 4 new campuses in 2014. We need your investment into BYX to achieve these goals in 2014. If you would like to support BYX, please visit us at

We could not be more excited for what the Lord has in store for BYX in 2014. Join with us as we embark on the new year with high expectations.


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