Chapter Visit: Popping into the Texas Tech Chapter one last time

IMG_3169Blog-Byline-RobertA decent chunk of my one-on-ones with 2013 Secretary Britt Bearden consisted of us dialoging about music. Britt is very much a music buff, and I bounce around my free Spotify account with borderline schizophrenic tendencies, so there was no shortage of conversation about good music.

A red flag shot up when I asked one of the 2014 officers what he liked to listen to.  The officer, who pleaded with me to remain anonymous when I alluded to writing about this conversation on the blog, said he had been on a pop music kick. I initially gave him the benefit of the doubt. It’s by no means my go-to genre, but some of it is ok if you’re into recycled tracks that exploit the musical ignorance of the average American.

Then I asked a question I quickly wished I hadn’t asked and learned some information I wished I hadn’t learned.

“Like what?” I asked.

“Oh, ya know, Ke$ha. Lady Gaga is good too.”

It hit me like a wrecking ball. I shook my head and cleared out my ears with my fingers to make sure I heard correctly. I had. Maybe he was born this way. The decline in music taste of this new officer team from the old was a major cause for concern.

IMG_3171Against my better judgment, I didn’t make the officer take me to the airport right then and there. I finished up my trip and saw that, despite the fact that the sins this brother has committed against his eardrums could leave him “Locked Out of Heaven,” the 2014 officers are off to a great start. (No I’m not worried about his salvation. Relax.)

The officers seem to have their ducks in a row much more than I expected from a group that has only been in office for a month and some change.  The men have been organized throughout the semester, which starts with the detail-oriented President Nate Hardin. All the officers spoke highly of Nate’s hard work in the classroom and unwavering commitment to his responsibilities as president and as a brother.

In my time with the officers, I felt a distinct since of unity and composure. They had quite the poker face. The brothers had each other’s back. Some might say they would catch a grenade for each other. They seemed under control, undaunted by what was on their plate and had no issues with keeping their fellow officers in the loop. They acted like they already had a semester of serving as officers under their belt.

IMG_3167Monday night I put on my suit and tie and addressed the brothers in chapter meeting one last time as I said, “Bye, Bye, Bye” to the Eta Chapter. This is my eighth and final trip to Lubbock. It’s tearin’ up my heart to think that I will no longer serve as an advisor to any local chapters in the fall as I focus more time on my role as communications director. Despite rambling to a close after realizing I forgot to put a conclusion in my talk outline, I felt like I successfully challenged the brothers one last time. I live for the applause.

I woke up Tuesday morning feeling like P. Diddy and brushed my teeth with… toothpaste samples from the front desk. I didn’t have a travel size tube when I left Fort Worth. I then spent a couple hours with a group of brothers in the Student Union. Daily they stake their claim to a corner of the union.

I spent the afternoon meeting with many of the officers one-on-one. A portion of the meetings was devoted to swapping testimonies with the officers. Each brother had a strong grasp of what the Lord has done in their life and how He has been shaping them over the course of it. It was refreshing to not only get to know them, but to see how cognizant each brother is of the Lord’s hand in their life.

The officers shared more about their hot start to the semester. Last Friday night, they hosted their annual rave to cap off rush week. Students from all over campus came together to just dance. Vice President Ryne St. John dodged a bullet when one venue failed to book us. They ended moving us to a bigger building, which worked out well because the smaller building can’t hold us. There were too many people. Rave was as good as it has ever been, and the officers received plenty of positive feedback. It was a party in the LBK.

After one-on-ones, the officers and I got together for Mexican food at Abuelo’s. I wished that they would quit playing games with my heart, I mean, digestive system, because they insisted on force-feeding me grease the whole trip. Still, the food was good and the company was better. The officers’ unity was on full display over dinner as there was no shortage of laughs.

IMG_3172I wrapped up a long day by speaking to the pledge class at their 11:30 p.m. pledge meeting. Pledge Captain Bowie Tomlinson invited me to impart wisdom on these crazy kids by speaking on the identity statement before I headed back to the hotel.

As the officers’ tenure continues, I gotta feeling that you will hear them roar as they continue to strive for excellence within their chapter. They are amazing just they way they are. I’m disappointed to see this bad romance, or rad bromance, come to an end, but my heart will go on with the Eta Chapter.

Disclaimer: The anonymous officer was fully supportive of having a blog written at his expense and found it to be “Epic.” No officers were offended in the writing of this blog.


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