Summit Ski Week: Brothers make memories on mountain and in meetings.

KU Mtn MapBy Trent Sanders
Kansas Chapter President

Years ago, from deep in the mountains of Colorado, a call from Nationals went out to every BYX bro’s pair of ears. Suddenly, in the beginning of January, men from across the country began to horde by the dozens into tight-fit vehicles with one destination in mind. Let me just take a moment to tell you a little about BYX before I continue. As BYX men, we are all about intentionality, but here in the mountains of Colorado we are sold out for intensonality.

Whether you have never seen snow in your life, or were born with European numbered feet (ski boots are all European sizes), this ski week has a place for you. I have made some great memories on the slopes of Keystone at Summit. I saw my big Ryan Black make an impressive comeback from splattering across the mountain to learning how to ski black diamonds during his two appearances on the slopes at ski week.

We spent time on the slopes with brothers from the National Staff, including National Director & CDO Brian Lee, who, while skiing with some far out Kansas guys took on a burly, wooded black diamond. After 45 minutes passed, the Kansas guys just about sent out a search team when lo and behold, emerging from the thicket, came our knight in shining armor. Or was that his jacket plated in ice and snow?

KU Mtn MapBYX specializes in national unity, especially when one takes part in a national event like BYX Summit Ski Week, National Officer Training or COR Leadership Retreat. Brothers cannot help but notice the love, unity, and wisdom of Christ that bind the National Staff together, furthering their much-needed influence in our lives as we do BYX.

Furthermore, BYX is made of 30 chapters across the nation. I remember during this ski week, I had the opportunity to sit down at the Houston Baptist University table and meet many of the men. One of the gentlemen I met is going to be a pledge trainer this spring. Pledging and pledge training are all I know from my four semesters in BYX. I laughed with joy that a brother at another school had the opportunity to hold a position that heavily shaped my experience in BYX. I could see his eyes were filled with passion as well for the incoming pledges he would be responsible for.

In the end, right before the first chord of worship played, I looked over to him and said, “This is my favorite part of the Summit Ski Week.” The time of worship in song with brothers from all over the country is always a highlight for me. As Brothers Under Christ, we share intentionality among ourselves, and promote intensonality on the slopes deep in the heart of the Colorado Rockies.


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