BYX and “The 10 Days of Sacrifice”: An Opportunity to Engage the Needs of the World

Blog-Byline-BLeeI imagine that it’s hard for many of you guys to believe that finals are nearly a month away. The semester has flown by. When it’s all said and done this semester will have been, in so many ways, the most epic semester in the life of our fraternity.

There is such a tendency in us to slow down before we get to the finish line. For years I coached some remarkable athletes in an inner city school. These kids were blazing fast. But when we went to time them in the 40-yard dash, every last one of them would start slowing down at about the 35 yard line. No matter how much we drilled them about it, they continued to make the crucial mistake of slowing down at the very end. I want to encourage and challenge you guys to finish strong. To push yourself all the way through the finish line as it relates to your studies, your pursuit of Jesus, as well as loving the men around you and allowing yourself to be loved by them.

There are still date parties to be had, swaps on the schedule, the process of handing off the torch from old officers to new, and perhaps most importantly, initiation. Although I know this is a hectic time in your semester, I’d like to challenge you to consider participating in something that can give you the opportunity to really connect and give to the needs of the world. What I’m referring to called the 10 Days of Sacrifice.

Many of you have heard of this campaign because it already exists on your campus. Most of you may be hearing about this for the first time as you read this blog. Before I describe what “The 10 Days” is, I’d like to give you some context.

Several years ago I crossed paths with a student at Texas A&M named Henry. Henry was a gifted young guy who was working through some things as it related to cultural Christianity and Kingdom life. I invited him into my home and invested into his life for a couple of years. During that time, Henry started something at A&M that has grown on that campus and has since spread to many other campuses throughout the country. He started “The 10 Days of Sacrifice.”

The idea is to encourage college students throughout the country to drink nothing but water for 10 days in the month of November in order to connect with those who don’t have access to clean water throughout the world. It is a simple way to sacrifice the freedom and luxury that are part of the fabric of our lives in order to remind our selves of the needs of others in a very tangible way. The primary goal is to connect students to a legitimate social justice cause in a meaningful way. The heart behind the movement is to awaken students, our nation’s future leaders, to a very real need in our world that can easily be solved in this generation.

Now back to Henry. After he graduated God opened up doors for him to work full-time towards the cause of providing clean water for folks. I am amazed by how the Lord continues to use his life. Henry and I sat down for lunch a few months ago and he shared with me all that God has done with this vision. I was encouraged to hear how “The 10 Days” was growing and spreading to college campuses. Henry and I then began to discuss what it could look like to have BYX participate in “The 10 Days of Sacrifice.” He was thrilled at the opportunity of partnering with us in this cause. I was thrilled about the opportunity for this to be something that could unite our chapters as well as give us a platform to impact our campuses. We are still continuing this conversation as we explore a possible partnership with Living Water International.

Since I have worked closely with the Texas State Chapter this year, I asked their president if he would talk with the other officers about the opportunity to promote “The 10 Days of Sacrifice” on their campus this year. All the officers were excited about the opportunity. Henry and I both visited the chapter to cast the vision. The pledge class agreed to take on the challenge of getting the word out about “The 10 Days” to the campus. The brothers at Texas State have been working hard to promote this cause on campus, and they are excited about kicking of the campaign next Monday!

Although Texas State is the only chapter that is officially promoting this campaign on their campus, I encourage each of you to consider participating in “The 10 Days of Sacrifice” that begins next week. Consider giving up coffee, soda, tea, juice, etc. for 10 days. During these days, drink a lot of water and remember there are millions of people that don’t even have access to clean water, much less all the other drinks that you are choosing to go without. Save the money that you would have spent on other drinks and give that towards Living Water International. Encourage your friends to do the same.

We will be getting more information out about this campaign next week and will share Texas State’s story. Next year we hope to open up this opportunity to other chapters that are interested in bringing “The 10 Days of Sacrifice” to their campus!

To learn more about The Wells Project and “The 10 Days of Sacrifice,” check out their website and watch the video below for more information .


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  1. Awesome article, bro! Thanks for giving Texas State’s Zeta Chapter the opportunity to take this amazing message to our campus and give a cup of cold water in Jesus’ Name!

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