Chapter Visit: Ole Miss Gentlemen wrap up recruitment

Blog-Byline-DeanSunday morning. The perfect time to go to church, go for a casual drive, play golf or fly to Mississippi with your boss. I was regrettably unable to accompany The Robert Bember in looking studly at church this particular Sunday morning, but I would instead have the opportunity to visit BYX at Ole Miss, bringing along BYX President and COO, Jason Hoyt, aptly nicknamed the “Yoda of BYX.” (credit: Brian Lee)

A one-hour flight was something to celebrate, however a two and a half hour drive from Jackson to Oxford, Mississippi was not. We passed the time by playing games such as “dodge the raindrops,” which we apparently got good at, because God upped the difficulty on us to “dodge the friggin torrential downpour, puny human.” It was all worth it, because not only did we win (all games have winners), but dress code for chapter meeting that night was formal.

WP952013092995005After a short address to the brothers by each of us, potential new members were escorted in and we had a worship set, followed by an informational meeting. I was impressed with how long it took us to get out of the chapel after the meeting because brothers and potentials alike were engaged in conversation.

Monday, Jason and I sat in the union meeting with officers and members. I was encouraged to meet some quality men who will be running for officer positions this year. We even got to sit in on an officer meeting and observe the team strategize and plan for the coming weeks of brotherhood and campus involvement.

The rush event for the evening was a dinner at Soulshine, a local pizza place, where they apparently heard I was coming and put the Dolphins-Saints Monday Night Football game on TV. We enjoyed talking and laughing together over unhealthy food and the sound of Miami reverting back to their incompetent ways of the past two decades. We even had the pleasure of a cameo appearance by fellow three-year officer and Ole Miss BYX alum Jess Waltman. We were able to catch up a bit, and I got to chuckle at the fact that one semester removed from undergrad, he was in law school and I work for BYX. You be the judge of who’s the real winner here.

We wrapped up the visit by grabbing breakfast with President Jonathan Perry at a place called Big Bad Breakfast. Their special that day was beignets, but I couldn’t bring myself to taste of their Creole delectability after my Dolphins got defenestrated by New Orleans the night before. I instead went East Coast and got some delicious shrimp and grits. One great conversation with Perry later, Jason and I were on our way back to good ol DFW!


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