Seeing value in vision leads to record pledge numbers once again.

Blog-Byline-DeanFor the past 8 years, BYX has been shattering records when it comes to fall recruitment, and 2013 is no exception! In 2012, we finished fall rush and recruitment with a record 567 pledges. Our hope on staff was to eclipse that, and with the addition of the Alpha Iota Chapter at the University of Alabama, it looked promising.

But we never expected to be staring at the number we are staring at now. Most chapters were able to surpass the number of pledges we budgeted for as a staff. Seven went as far as to double the number we had predicted for them. All the hard work our chapters put in has yielded a total pledge count dwarfing 500, putting 600 to shame and making 700 look like chump change. Fall 2013 rush and recruitment will be concluding with a total of about 780 pledges!

“That’s nearly a 38% increase!” you might say.

“You’re a nerd,” I’d say.

Why do so many young men want to make a commitment to BYX this year? In a word, value. Young men around the country meet BYX men at a summer camp, at a hometown church, on campus and they see men who have something they want. We have a nationwide, lifelong brotherhood of committed men who strive to spur each other on toward a deeper, more radiant relationship with Christ our Savior. We offer something nobody else can offer and we do things nobody else can do.

Pledge ClassThis summer, I had the pleasure of attending a joint rush party with brothers and potential pledges from LSU, TCU, OU and UNT. Potential new members got to catch a small glimpse of the national unity BYX offers. They got to see how much bigger than their own college campus this thing really is.

Our mission of brotherhood and unity was illustrated vibrantly at our first annual COR Leadership Retreat, where brothers from all around the country came together to grow in leadership as they were poured into by BYX alumni and members of the BYX Board of Directors. The combustible vision they caught at this retreat was then injected into their individual chapter cultures and caught by them as well.

I also heard about the Texas A&M BYX pledge class of 1996 going out to a lake house for a weekend to catch up and hang out, 17 years later. This vision of lifelong brotherhood is seeping down to the local chapter level and catching fire. This is what BYX is. This is what potential pledges are seeing and why they’re pursuing it. Good work, gentlemen.

As we stretch to new schools and new areas of the country, more men have the opportunity to experience what has already shaped thousands of college men across the nation, and it only makes sense that more and more pledges result.

But it is to this end we labor. If we forget our purpose of fostering lifelong brotherhood and cultivating a standard of excellence in college men, we are destined to be nothing but a huge group of guys that makes no impact for Christ in our world.

Brothers, never forget why we do what we do and for whom we are working. Supporters, thank you for your devotion to prayer and rest assured that the mission of BYX has always been and will always be to lift the name of Jesus Christ high in our interactions with each other as brothers and with each campus on which we reside. Praise the Lord for his provision this fall in recruitment!


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