BYX finds sweet home at Alabama


After many years of hoping that BYX would find a home at the University of Alabama, we are glad to introduce you to the founding fathers of the Alpha Iota Chapter!

It doesn’t take someone long to know that the University of Alabama does things well. No one can argue that they do football well, having won the national championship three out of the past 4 years. Anyone who has spent time on the campus also knows that they clearly do something else well: Greek Life. Alabama is arguably the largest Greek school in the nation. They understand fraternity. It’s one of the many reasons why we are excited that BYX has found a home at the University of Alabama!

Jason Hoyt and I drove into Tuscaloosa with the privilege of facilitating my first initiation ceremony since I was an officer 11 years ago. Only this time, I was getting to initiate my first of hopefully many groups of founding fathers.

Bama Pledge TestWe arrived Saturday evening and shared a long meal with the officers at JIM’N NICKS near campus. After dinner we went back to Brandon Delavar’s house to join the officers for their officer meeting. We worked through as many details with them as possible, and it certainly helped to have Hoyt, functioning as the Yoda of BYX, as we talked through all of the necessary details. By midnight, we were all exhausted, but Jason and I could sense the relief on the officers’ faces due to all we were able to walk them through.

We woke up Sunday morning excited about initiation. Jason and I spent the majority of the afternoon in one-on-one meetings with officers before we joined all of the founding fathers for dinner to kick off the night’s festivities. One highlight of the trip was that we had a faithful BYX supporter meet us for dinner, and he graciously picked up the bill for all 20 of us. We had a great time together, but it was clear that the guys were eagerly and anxiously anticipating the rest of the night. Eager because they were excited to be initiated. Anxious because they were wondering how they were going to perform on their pledge tests.

After dinner we headed to the Ferguson Student Center for the initiation ceremony. After an hour of laboring over our history, purpose, identity and secrets, the 14 founding fathers emerged having successfully passed their pledge tests.

Then the excitement began. Guys were giddy about what was ahead, as many of them had heard how powerful the initiation experience was for men from other chapters, but having no idea of the details.

For obvious reasons I will not describe all that took place during that ceremony, but suffice it to say that it was powerful. I am certain the 14 brothers that participated will not forget what took place during that ceremony on August 25, 2013.

Following initiation the guys rolled out a strong week of rush events that culminated with approximately 100 guys and girls joining them for their first open party. This week, 16 pledges accepted bids from our newest chapter! One of those pledges received Christ during his interview!

Getting to be a part of starting of chapter at the University of Alabama has been an incredible journey. I have already grown to love and appreciate the brothers of our Alpha Iota Chapter. The journey began with getting a phone number at National Officer Training last November. Momentum did not pick up until Jason and I visited the campus after Auburn’s Charter Ceremony. That was March. It is remarkable that five months later, we now have a chapter of 30 brothers. These men are off to a great start. The future of the chapter looks bright. It seems clear that, by the grace of God, BYX has found a sweet home at the University of Alabama. #RollTide!

Bama Founders Initiation edit


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