State of the Fraternity: BYX continues to grow in numbers and unity.


The purpose of BYX is to establish brotherhood and unity among college men based on the common bond of Jesus Christ. That purpose was set forth by our founding fathers in 1985. Twenty-eight years later we have 29 active BYX chapters in pursuit of our purpose and continuing to lay the foundation for more BYX chapters across the nation. At the heart of the vision of BYX is relationships. One of our members recently said this,

“BYX has actively cultivated intense, true friendships that help me to grow spiritually, personally, professionally and academically. The relationships are what matter, and BYX is the fraternity the Lord used.”

National Unity
In recent years, nationally we have focused much of our attention on the leadership of BYX. We have our annual National Officer Training in November, where we gather leaders from all of our chapters for a weekend of vision casting and leadership training. This gathering is the largest single opportunity we have to instill into our men the core values of the fraternity: brotherhood, unity, character, faith and leadership.

DSC_5382Second, we recently returned from our first annual COR Leadership Retreat. The purpose of the COR Leadership Retreat is to identify and develop leaders within BYX for their current spheres of influence and future endeavors. As a staff, we choose 12 brothers from a pool of applicants from across the country to join us for a two-week, three-city retreat focused on growing our men spiritually, academically and professionally.

We held professional and leadership development sessions in Houston and Dallas prior to heading to Colorado for a number of exciting team building adventures. Here is what our members are saying about their COR experience.

“I’ve been telling people that COR is one of my top three experiences of my life. I loved our interactions with the Board Members and the interactions within our group. The realness of some of the Board Members was inspiring and demonstrated the importance of being real about our sin as well as real about the redemption that Christ offers. The retreat fulfilled its goal of developing us professionally and spiritually as well as our leadership abilities.”

Lastly, we have one additional nationally planned event in Summit Ski Week. Summit is hosted in Keystone, Colorado and is open to all members and alumni who wish to attend. The week is an exciting week for skiing in the Rocky Mountains and an opportunity to further develop brotherhood and unity in Christ nationally through meals, worship and devotionals in the evening. It truly is a unique experience in the mountains. Summit Ski Week 2014 is scheduled for January 2-6.

National Growth
In 2013, we hired Chief Development Officer Brian Lee to focus on expanding the fraternity of BYX. The demand for BYX on a college campus continues to grow dramatically. The brothers who experience BYX on their campus work all over the country and the world during the summer months. Their words are a testament to what the Lord is doing in BYX and the primary way in which BYX continues to grow.

Founders TableBrian is working hard to cultivate and develop those leads. It is our prayer that the Lord would open up the opportunity for us to start 4 new BYX chapters in each of the next 5 years. This year, we have already started BYX at the University of Alabama and are working to establish chapters at Michigan, Stanford, Kentucky, South Carolina and Kansas State.

Brian is working on expanding our BYX network through various conferences, camps and philanthropies, where we hope to develop mutually beneficial relationaships.

Local Chapters
In year 28 for BYX, we have 29 active BYX chapters. Each semester we are setting new records for membership for BYX and this fall is shaping up to be no different. We could eclipse 700 pledges this fall for the first time. In the fall of 2004, all of BYX was less than 700 members while this fall we will grow to more than 2,200 members. We are seeing the results of our investment into the leadership of our BYX chapters through National Officer Training, COR Leadership Retreat and our national advisors who work so diligently and closely with our chapter officers.

Chapters are continuing to grow in impact and influence on their campuses. Nearly all of our chapters are participating in the most important events happening on campus whether they are campus-wide service projects or homecoming activities. All of our chapters are using their platform of BYX to shine as an alternative to the traditional fraternal lifestyle on campus by hosting various mixers, socials and open parties.

We know and understand what our purpose is in BYX, and we know and understand how to cast that vision to young college men who are looking for the opportunity to be a part of a fraternity that honors the Lord. The Lord has gone before BYX for 28 years, and we are looking forward to the next 28 years following His lead for our future.


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