Chapter Visit: UCO wraps up Oklahoma doubleheader





What could be better than a successful first chapter visit in Oklahoma? Funny you should ask, because I was just about to mention my second chapter visit to the University of Central Oklahoma, which was also successful.

It started on Monday with a lunch date with Pledge Captain Chance Rose, who was on a lunch break at work, at only the biggest company in Oklahoma City! This man works full time at Devon Energy Corporation, is a youth pastor, is married, has a dog and serves his chapter with excellence. You might say he manages his time well.

Afterward, I arrived in Edmond, where Chaplain Landon Myers gave me the 5-minute tour of UCO’s campus (no, it wasn’t abbreviated, that’s just how short it was) and took me to the student union to chat. I learned about the close brotherhood and officer corps cohesion that kept everything running smoothly for the chapter.

Another one-on-one with VP Tanner Ball revealed the chapter’s spectacular campus involvement and the positive attitude the Greek community has toward BYX. They have one mixer per month planned with different sororities and are also planning to host a philanthropy event in conjunction with one of them.

1377565203391Then it was time for chapter meeting, where I got to address the chapter and introduce myself (déjà vu). After observing the meeting, we moved across the hall into another room where the night’s rush event was to be held. Actives and potential pledges filed in and spent some time chatting. Chance showed some videos from the national recruiting DVD, some other members gave presentations and I had an opportunity to provide a national perspective of BYX for the potentials.

The result was 20 guys lining up and waiting for an hour to sign up for interviews. That was a powerful sight for the brothers that shouldn’t be soon forgotten. That’s the kind of motivation that can really propel a chapter, folks. After info night, we took the potentials out to Old Chicago for some delicious pizza and then hit the sack.

Tuesday was another encouraging day of meetings with officers and members. I was especially excited to meet with a number of actives who approached me about wanting to introduce themselves. So far, this semester’s rush class is looking bigger than and they’ve had in the past. With Chance at the helm, the Delta Pledge Class should be a motivated, committed group of guys that can step up in a big way for this chapter in the future.

1377652803899This chapter shows out at intramurals and philanthropies, and people know and love them for it. I got to relax a little in the afternoon at one of the local “BYX houses” before heading to McAllister’s Deli for dinner and a field on campus for some football. I played QB and did quite pitifully, throwing 4 INTs and 5 TDs (7 if you count the pick sixes), but Tanner came up with a huge one hander to end the game.

After football, we moved into the union to play some root beer pong and hear more testimonies and presentations about BYX. Festivities continued with a bonfire at Chance’s house and the brotherhood and unity continued to shine.

Before leaving on Wednesday, I had a few more meetings with members, which left me encouraged about the future leadership in this chapter. I stopped at Pops one more time to grab some Dublin Dr. Pepper for my beloved National Staff. Oklahoma is in the books!


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