Chapter Visit: Fall Visits Kick-Off with trip to Oklahoma State




Finally. School is starting back up again. That means fall is just around the corner. Leaves change color (somewhere in the US, but not Texas), college football starts, pumpkin spice lattes come back to Starbucks and BYX National Staff visits get kicked off!

For my first visit of the semester and first ever on staff, I made the drive up to Stillwater, Oklahoma IMAG0267to visit the Rho Chapter at Oklahoma State University. As soon as I got into town on Friday afternoon, I was met by President Kameron Morris, who gave me a tour of the student union, before heading to Eskimo Joe’s for dinner with the whole officer corps.

Now, I’d heard good things about Joe’s, namely that they have good bacon cheese fries, but how can you mess up bacon cheese fries? They seem to be fond of pineapple slices on their chicken sandwiches there, which I learned that I was also fond of.

After bonding with those men over dinner, we hopped in a minivan and drove to Pops, the famous Route 66 carbonated beverage Mecca. To say the least, I was overwhelmed by the variety of soda available. Any place that offers a ‘Chocolate Covered Maple Smoked Bacon’ flavored soda is sure to have an unparalleled selection of the best (and worst) sodas in production. After taking a picture by the big neon bottle of pop, we turned in for the night.

IMAG0265On Saturday, I got to hang out with some members and meet with officers one-on-one. Interacting with the actives encouraged me. One of the Rho Chapter’s strength is definitely brotherhood. Every active I met was excited to have their national advisor in town, and they love each other well too.

Meeting with the officers, I got to catch a glimpse of the exciting things they’re going to have going on at OSU this semester. Their pledge class will be sizeable at about 20 and Pledge Captain Garin McClain is gearing up for a challenging pledgeship that will sharpen these men into future leaders for BYX.

They have a number of open parties and mixers planned for the semester, including a formal dinner at which the ladies of Pi Beta Phi will cook for them. I may crash that. BYX continues to be a powerhouse in intramurals and philanthropy events, providing a huge avenue to spread their name and outreach to the campus. Overall, there are some exciting things to look forward to at OSU this semester.

Chapter meeting was Sunday night, at which I was able to address the chapter and introduce myself. I was surprised when the entire chapter started Gator chomping with perfect form! I felt welcome and well-received to say the least.

IMAG0270After my address, chapter wrapped up and we transitioned into an info night for rush. The pledges were escorted in as the “Man Up Anthem” music video, made by the Nu Pledge Class, played and the brothers collectively made an uproar as if they were at a Florida Gator football game. Their entry was a little more extravagant than mine, not that I’m bitter or anything.

We played a game involving jellybeans and blindfolds, the officers gave a presentation, I was able to address the potentials and then we all went out to IHOP. It seemed the potential pledges felt special and celebrated on that night, so it’s no wonder OSU is pulling in a great pledge class. Monday morning, I rode off into the sunset. Until next time, Stillwater.


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