Congratulations Seniors!

By Jason Hoyt
President and COO

Congratulations on making it to your final week before graduation. I vividly remember my last active member meeting where I had the chance to get up at chapter and share my heart with my fellow brothers. I had for years watched so many men go before me thinking that “that day” would never happen for me. It did come, and it was one of the most emotional days of my life. There were few words to describe how much the Lord had used BYX in my life to shape me and place me onto this path of my life. The Lord used men in BYX to lay foundational truths and foundational habits into my life. I learned what the pursuit of Christ looked like from other brothers in BYX. I took small steps each year towards greater maturity and relationship with Jesus.  

When I think back over the years of college, nothing else impacted me more than the fraternity of BYX and the men God surrounded me with. That was true on senior chapter night, and it is still true today. I don’t remember much of what I said to my brothers, but I remember being overwhelmed in the emotion of what God had done in my life and how thankful I was that He allowed me to be a part of this fraternity.

As you begin to move on from your active member days in BYX, I encourage you to take some time to reflect on all that God has done in your life through your brothers in BYX. Remember the road trips to formals, the brotherhood retreats, the tailgating and the iron sharpening iron conversations in your cell groups. Those memories will last a lifetime, as well the relationships with the men you walked side-by-side with through these years.

Even though the active membership will soon end, those relationships will stand the test of time. I was just having lunch yesterday with one of my fellow BYX alumni brothers and former roommate. We were in each others weddings now 10 years ago and are watching our collective five kids grow up together. We continue to share the joys and challenges of life together now 13 years after we shared our last chapter meeting as active members.  

I hope you will make the effort to become an informed BYX alumnus. We have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to stay “in the know” with what is going on in BYX. Follow us on social media in various places, and we will post blog updates, video updates, email updates and daily twitter and facebook updates on all the things the Lord continues to do through BYX. 
Each fall, chapters will host Legacy Weekend. Alumni will continue to be invited back to campus to experience chapter and reunite with old brothers and new young brothers. Look for “save the date” notifications to come out over the summer.
Lastly, would you remember BYX in your yearly giving plan now and into the future. We believe that the Lord has a clear vision for the growth of BYX and there is clear demand for what BYX offers on a college campus. We are looking to grow from our current 28 chapters to over 50 chapters in the next 5 years and we will need your support. Each new chapter we start requires at least $10,000 in support prior to starting the chapter and a full $33,000 over the first four years.

We have designed Project 40 to support our growth.  We are seeking $10,000 in chapter sponsors and 40 alumni to give $12 a month for 4 years towards one specific new BYX chapter. We are currently raising the support for BYX at the University of Alabama. Would you consider giving $12 a month in support of Alabama? Help us bring BYX to Bama by doing your part to support the vision of brotherhood and unity among college men based on the common bond of Jesus Christ. Click on the link here to give:

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