Expansion Update: Three new chapters on deck, more in the pipeline.

By Brian Lee
Chief Development Officer 

As we approach the homestretch of my first semester on staff, I wanted to give you guys an update on our expansion efforts. I would like to begin by thanking so many of you that have helped provide contacts over the past several months. We can’t say enough that you guys are our best resource as it relates to establishing BYX chapters on new campuses across the nation!

So where are we going this year? 

Alabama: As most of you know by know, Alabama is the first school out of the gate this year. Our plan is to initiate the chapter in August so that they will be ready for fall rush this year.

Stanford: We are in the processing of finalizing plans for our phase three trip to Stanford in May. We are hoping that they will also be ready to go for fall rush. 

Michigan: We have a great group of guys that have been working hard to recruit more founding fathers this semester. We are planning our phase three trip in the fall to get them initiated in time for rush in the spring 2014 semester.

We are already cultivating a number of connections that we hope will grow into chapters. 

South Carolina: I am talking with a group of nearly 15 guys at USC that are excited about establishing a BYX chapter. If everything continues to come together, they may also be ready to go by January 2014. 

College of Charleston: I have talked extensively with a guy who has mobilized over 25 men who are committed to starting a chapter at another major school in South Carolina. The most remarkable thing is that he is a senior in high school! We will wait and see if everything comes together, but it would be great if we could start these first two schools at the same time in January since they are only an hour-and-a-half away from each other! 

Kentucky: I’m communicating with a handful of men at UK that are hoping to start a chapter in 2014. They could use more guys so let me know if you have leads. By the way, if we establish a chapter, here we wrap up the SEC! 

Kansas State: I am primarily talking with one guy at K-State. Need more leads! Kansas State isn’t far from a number of our chapters, so if you know men at K-State, pass their contact information our way and take some time to tell them about BYX. 

Florida State: There are a couple of guys interested in starting a chapter here, but they are not yet committed. We could use some leads here as well.

Arizona State: There is one guy on this campus that would love to start a chapter, but has struggled to get enough guys on board with the vision. We would like to establish a chapter here as it is the largest campus in the nation, but we need more men on board.

Although this is a summary of our efforts so far, we know there are countless other men who would benefit from a BYX chapter on their campus. I would ask two things of you guys in response to this update. First, if you know anyone on the campuses mentioned above, please contact me at 979-575-3114 or brianlee@betaupsilonchi.organd pass their information along to me so I can follow up with them.

As you guys go your separate ways this summer and interact with men from other campuses, please be intentional about sharing how God has used BYX to impact your life and, if you are talking with a guy on a campus where we do not currently exist, encourage him to reach out to us to find out more about establishing a new chapter. Many of you will be working at various camps this summer. There is no better place to represent BYX and share all that Jesus has done in your life through the brotherhood. And don’t forget to send them my way if they would like to learn more about establishing a new chapter!

We are so excited about all that God has done, is doing and will continue to do in and through BYX. Thanks for supporting us as we seek to bring the Kingdom of God, through the avenue of a social fraternity, to campuses across our nation!


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