Nationals Visits Baylor University

By Jason Hoyt
President & Chief Operating Officer

I had the privilege of speaking at the Baylor Chapter’s formal initiation of their ten pledges last week. I am certain it was one of the best Baylor BYX meetings I have attended. It was evident that the brothers had invested into the ten pledges as I heard stories of senior members intentionally working out and sharing Scripture verses with various pledges during their workout. 

At the end of initiation, the pledges each had the opportunity to talk about how much this semester has meant to them. The newest members spoke about how they didn’t even know each other a short few months ago and now they are considering each other their closest friends. They have bonded through the pledge missions, singing and dancing for sororities, pledge meetings, interviews, pledge retreats and learning the purpose and history of BYX. 

The one thing that was clear about my time at initiation is that these men care for one another.  They carry each others’ burdens and place them at the cross. The purpose of BYX is brotherhood and unity in Christ, and Baylor BYX is growing in that purpose.

The following day I spent meeting one-on-one with the officers of the chapter. I learned in-depth information on how the brothers are reaching out beyond their comfort zone to engage the campus socially. Vice President Drake Coffelt played a huge role in the first Baylor BYX All University Sing Production last month. Drake is already talking with sororities on the fall social calendar. The brothers are planning a Take a Date on April 5th and a semi-formal a few weeks after that.

On Friday evening, the chapter left for Lake Whitney for the spring full retreat. The officers had secured several tents and plenty of s’mores and wood. Senior Matt Murphy manned the grill and cooked the hamburgers and hot dogs for the brothers.  It just so happened to be one of the coldest nights in March, so brother Grant Hester worked on the fire pit. I found it pretty funny that the chapter has three eagle scouts present and Grant ended up being the servant brother to get the fire going.

The best word to describe the state of Baylor BYX is opportunity. The chapter is 40 members strong now for the first time in a decade. Their most recently initiated pledge class included 9 freshman and 1 sophomore with a variety of personalities, talent and interests. 

I encouraged President Ryan Roberts to host several recruitment training sessions at the end of chapter for the next month. The opportunity to grow the chapter from 40 to 50 is a very real possibility for the fall 2013 semester. The opportunity to grow from 50 to 65 is very real over the next year for the Baylor BYX chapter if all the brothers can work together to personally recruit the future of Baylor BYX.

With continued commitment to brotherhood and unity in Christ with the existing members, the continued growth socially for the brothers in engaging the campus, the future is bright for the Iota Chapter.


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