Fostering Brotherhood and Unity Through Facebook

By Brian Lee
Chief Development Officer

As many of you know, we have taken some significant steps this year to better position ourselves as we expand our national presence. At the same time, we have also been evaluating how we can more effectively communicate to our extended BYX community.

Our purpose is, and will always be, to establish brotherhood and unity among college-aged men based on the common bond of Jesus Christ. However, we also want to continue to encourage our BYX brothers and their families long after they have graduated from college.

In an effort to more effectively streamline our communication to all of our current members and their parents, as well as to thousands of alumni across the nation, we are going to be investing time in more effectively using Facebook as a platform to encourage communication and interaction among our extended community.

Our hope is that our Facebook page will allow us to bring our members, parents and alumni to one place to share life together and to continue to encourage one another to be the individuals that God has called us to be throughout the various seasons of life.

Through our page, we will continue to post updates on current chapters, share about Legacy weekends, talk about new chapter development as well as share any other relevant and exciting information.

However, we are also going to be giving away incentives and prizes such as gift cards, BYX gear, tickets to sporting events and much more.

All that to say, to begin this process, we need as many people to like our page as possible! We currently have 1500 likes. Our goal is to double that number by the time the NCAA has crowned this year’s tournament champion. All we need you to do is click on the image above and like our page.

We are so committed to getting more people connected to our Facebook page that we have decided to offer some incentives to get kick off the process.

Once you like our page (simply click on image above) we want you to add a reply to our post reading, “Welcome all new and old fans. We are so excited about having more people on this page. Comment here and we will choose 10 people to give $25 Starbucks cards to and 5 current members to receive $25 worth of BYX gear.

We will randomly choose 10 people who respond and will send them a $25 Starbucks gift card. We will also choose 5 current members and will send them some free BYX gear worth $25. 

We will continue to offer prizes in the days and weeks ahead so please make it a point to like our page and get connected or reconnected with all that God is doing in and through Beta Upsilon Chi!


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