Nationals Visits the University of Arkansas

By Chris Godfrey
National Advisor

After a snowy day in Atlanta and a snowy layover in Chicago, I landed in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and was thrilled that the sun was shining, and it was warm enough to be outside. The snow and wet weather that has been everywhere this winter and spring may finally be around the corner. Thomas Jenkins, secretary of Arkansas BYX in 2011, came and picked me up at XNA, the airport that Wal-Mart practically built. After getting dropped off at the hotel, I was able to join some of the brothers at a couple intramural soccer and football games, in which they went 4-0!

After intramurals and dinner, I joined the officer corps for their weekly meeting. Russ, the chapter president, had just got back from celebrating his one-year of dating with his girlfriend, and the guys hit the ground running. They have planned and cast vision for a lot this year. StarBYX was postponed because of snow a couple weeks ago, so they set a date for that, as well as a function for the week, island party, and a couple other various events. They have a lot left in the two months ahead of them before the semester wraps up. 

The officers really want the tier (chair) positions to be a way that members can step up and serve the fraternity by being more involved. The officers have worked hard to make sure that the next officer corps is able to continue building on the officer corps from the past by leaving a paper trail and establishing some consistency in connecting officers. We ended the meeting by enjoying some caramel-cheddar popcorn from Garrett’s in Chicago that I picked up during my layover!

Monday was another eventful day. I met up with Arkansas alum and National Advisor Jordan Difani for breakfast that morning. Afterwards, I headed over to campus for a full line-up of meetings. It was great to hear from each officer, and while I was at the Union, I even had the great surprise of seeing OU alumnus Sean Kelly and Texas A&M alumnus Max Heller! They were able to join us for chapter meeting that night and join the officers and I at dinner.

Charlie Corke, Arkansas’ pledge captain, has been hard at work planning formal as well as preparing the men for recruitment and rush this fall. Josiah, the vice-president, has worked hard preparing the many social activities rapidly approaching these next few weeks. Russ continues to lead the men well, and continue to work on better communication and unity among the chapter.

Chapter meeting on Monday night was long but productive. There is so much going on with the Xi chapter! Will Strickland, who served as chapter treasurer for 2012, came by with his student government campaign. He is running for treasurer. The men focused on missions that night, and it was awesome to see where men have been all over the world sharing the Gospel with different people groups. God uses the men in BYX across the world as well as in the United States. The men are plugged in across the campus at Arkansas, and it is neat to see how they engage the campus and reach it for Christ.


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